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The Development Trend of Electric Actuator

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Due to the advantages of the electric actuator like easy mix, large thrust output, responsible operation as well as explosion proof performance, the electric actuator has been used in chemical industry, oil refining industry and other kinds of important industries that require high secure pneumatic actuators level.

The estimated electric actuator development trends are as follows. The first electric actuator development trend is the intelligence trend of the electric actuator. The intelligence is generally the future trend of common instrument, and the intelligence is the purpose we should aim at. There are many faults existing in the petrochemical engineering industries. The working place of the electric actuator has high altitude with poor condition, so it is hard to control and preserve the electric actuator. In addition, the control valve has not steady performance. And the electric actuator development trend of intelligence is able to achieve remote control to deal with the problems in time. And the coming of the digital era shows that the machines are able to bring more benefit to human beings. And there is an intelligent locator which makes microprocessor as center in its intelligence system. And the electric actuator will not be affected by external condition with easy control and convenient preservation, able to achieve remote control and show the development trend of the locators.

The second electric actuator development trend is the digitization of the electric actuator. The present electric actuator uses analog signals with one direction flow. With the promotion of digital communication technology, the digital technology also can be applied in automatic control area. At present, most of the electric actuators are able to achieve the combination of digital signals and analog signals. However, in the near future, the application of single figure mutual communication is able to be realized.

The next electric actuator development trend is the environment protection trend to save energy of the electric actuator, which belongs to the trend all over the world. The electric actuator has energy saving performance, which refers to lessening the power consumption and durability consumption. The compressor is able to produce compressed air to lessen the air consumption and energy consumption of the compressor. The traditional electric transformation of the electric actuator is to consume the compressed air increasingly when the electric actuator is in good condition. And when the electric actuator system state is steady, turn off the power to lessen the air source consumption to some degree.

In conclusion, the electric actuator has wider and wider application in industry field due to its bright future and hopeful electric actuator development trend. And development of the intelligence locator and perfection of the integration technique are able to change the industrial automatic production greatly. The main electric actuator development trend is that the full electric actuators era will come true.

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