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The Development Process of Handwheel

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The handwheel is a photoelectric conversion of the output shaft mechanical geometry convert pulse or digital displacement sensor is the most used sensors. In general the handwheel is mainly composed of grating plate and photoelectric detection device. In a servo system, the light code disc coaxial with the motor, the motor rotates, grating plate with motor rotate speed. The light emitting diode detection device consists of electronic components, such as several pulse signal output. By calculating the number of photoelectric encoder output pulse per second can reflect current of motor speed. In addition, to judge the direction of rotation, the encoder can also provide the phase difference of 90 ° 2 channel optical code output, according to the change of state two-way light code to determine motor. According to the principle of detection, the handwheel can be divided into optical encoder type, magnetic type, inductive and capacitive. According to the calibration method and the mode of its output signal, can be divided into incremental and absolute type and hybrid 3 kinds.

The handwheel as industrial digital era and the development of changing, also become a heated discussion topic.

The handwheel technology is thrown 10 years abroad. Valve handwheel valve manufacturer production occupies a considerable proportion in mechanical products, according to foreign developed countries, the valve output is the sum of compressor, fan and pump, accounts for about 5% of the whole machinery industrial production. At the same time, as an important part of major technical equipment, especially in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, urban water supply and drainage system, the handwheel is plays a key role, and the dosage is very large. At present, the valve more than about 6000 enterprises, of which more than 5 million Yuan output value of 900.

Learned, our country existing research the handwheel professional institute 2, 12 institute of administrative office in a factory, is engaged in the valve research and product development of scientific research personnel, about 6000 people in a ministerial inspection center and two sub-center, can perform a safety valve, steam trap valve performance test and general, but lack of high performance, high temperature parameters of dynamic simulation test method and test equipment. Valve industry research institutions is less, fewer than 10% of the staff, scientific research and development ability is weak, on the basic stay in experience design method at present. Or, still can only refer to foreign some structure and prototype, work on some of the digestion and absorption, and rarely real product development work. Valve handwheel industry technology from abroad and the status, related data show that for decades, with the development of large complete sets of equipment technology, appear a series of new equipment and prototype abroad, and of the valve is characterized by large scale, high parameterized, automation and integration. And a series of new varieties is growing, such as emergency cut-off valve, quick closing valve, such as fire and water valves, sanitary hardware.

In recent years, the development of foreign research institutes valve quickly, with the development of the handwheel also soon. In the United States alone, nearly 30 institutes, generally belong to the company. The handwheel company has a very perfect scientific research and testing base, to hot products, dynamic, wear-resisting, earthquake, fire and reliability aspects of performance testing. Finite element method (fem) and computer aided design is widely used; make the structure design of the valve handwheel tend to be more reasonable. Worldwide, the valve handwheel driving devices are variety ( pneumatic actuators , electric actuators , hydraulic, electrical and hydraulic linkage or gas-liquid linkage, etc.), complete specifications, safe and reliable. In recent years, and the development of the intelligent device drivers, in this respect, the domestic wheel industry has been hard.

Nowadays, with the development of the handwheel, because in the machine tool equipment, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, boiler cover parts of a large number of applications, we can predict the handwheel industry has an estimated development prospects.

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