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The Constitution of Electric Actuator

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The operation of the electric actuators relies on the function of electric actuators component. Generally, there are mainly two parts making up electric actuators, power units as well as locator. And the power units make more contributions to the operation of the electric actuators. And all these pneumatic actuators components make sure the normal operation of the electric actuators.

The first crucial electric actuators component is electric motor, whose drive depends on secular single step or three-phase sensor motor. In addition, the electric motor possesses torque as well as pressure with different specification and magnitude, so it is possible to equip the electric actuators with a switch to control the pressure or current according to different working condition. And there is a thermal switch inside of electric motor to protect and limit the inside temperature of the electric actuators. It is possible to cut off the power supply when the temperature is too high so as to stop the running of the electric actuators. When the temperature has been normal, the thermal switch is able to recover and start the electric actuators again. In addition, it is necessary to install a brake inside of electric actuators to get rid of inertia phenomenon.

Another significant electric actuators component is speed reducer, which is able to regulate the running speed of liquid. And the speed reducer is able to lock its function to save power when it is unnecessary to use it. Therefore, the speed reducer is the results of the idea of energy saving policy. From this aspect, the electric actuators are designed with environment protection element.

And there is also torque journey limiter as another electric actuators component. The limiter is used to measure the torque inside of electric actuators to see whether it has reached the standard. In addition, the mechanical limit device is the main classification of speed reducer. The mechanical limit electric actuators is useful during manual operation. According to different classifications, there are sector shape and block type mechanical limit devices. Apart from different shapes, their functions as well as applications are different as well.

Another crucial electric actuators component is locator, whose function is to enlarge the control signals and feedback signals after contrasting them carefully. And then it is possible to regulate the rotation direction of the electric motor. It has been connected to power units of electric actuators, which is able to regulate the working condition of the electric actuators perfectly. And the locator is also responsible for regulating the operation style of the electric actuators, mechanical style or manual operation.

Before choosing electric actuators, it is necessary to understand the electric actuators components. And when there is something wrong with the electric actuators, it is possible for the users themselves to solve these problems if knowing the different functions of the v electric actuators components.

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