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The Components of Plastic Valve

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Actually, the Plastic valves are a kind of ball valve that used in pneumatic actuator. It is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium inside of the pipelines. And it is also possible to be used to control and adjust the flow inside of the pneumatic actuators . And compared to other kinds of valves, the plastic valve parts have the following features.

1. The plastic valve parts have the minimum flow resistance among all kinds of valves, including hole shrinkage ball valve. And the small flow resistance becomes its largest advantages.

2. The existence of the thrust bearings is able to reduce the friction torque of the valve rod, making the valve rod able to run for a long period with stability as well as flexibility.

3. The sealing performance of the plastic valve parts is favorable. It adopts elastic materials like polytef to manufacture the sealing loop, which is beneficial to sealing. And the sealing ability of the plastic valve parts is able to increase with the rising of the medium pressure.

4. The sealing of the valve handle of the plastic valve parts is reliable, because the plastic valve parts can only carry out rotation instead of lifting motion, and the stuff of the valve handle is hard to break. And the sealing ability is able to change with the promotion of medium pressure.

5. The polytef materials have favorable self-lubrication, so the friction loss to the ball is small, so as to prolong the service period of the plastic valve parts.

6. Bottom valve handle and the head of the valve handle are protruded to prevent the valve handle from spraying. And the fire will cause the breakdown of the sealing of the valve handle, and there will be metal connection between bulge and plastic valve parts to make sure the sealing performance of the valve rod.

7. The plastic valve parts of the pneumatic actuator have anti-static function. And the springs set among valve ball, valve rod as well as valve itself is able to derive the static created in the middle of switching process.

And the actuators adopt brand new plastic valve parts, and the gear transmission makes sure the reliability of it. And the valves with large diameter adopts sifting fork to transmit with reasonable structure and large output torque. And this kind of plastic valve parts have advantages of double piston of gears with large torque and small size. And the cylinder chooses aluminum gold materials with light weight and beautiful appearance. And it is possible to install manual operation actuators on the top and bottom of the plastic valve parts of the pneumatic actuators. And the rack connection is able to adjust starting angle and rated flow.

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