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The Components of Electric Actuators

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The pneumatic actuators components are the reason of the operation of electric actuators. And the main parts of electric actuators are composed of power units as well as locator. And the power unites include electric motor, reducer, moment safety stop, switch control tank, hand wheel, mechanical limitation device as well as electric converter.

The first main electric actuators component is electric machine, which belongs to special single phase or three-phase AC induction motor. In addition, it possesses high starting moment, low starting current as well as small rotation inertia, so that the electric motor has favorable servo control feature. There is thermo switch inside of stator of electric motor to prevent the machines from being too hot. When the temperature of electric motor is too high, the switch is going to cut off the power supply so as to protect electric motor as well as actuators. After the temperature inside of electric actuator has turned over, the switch will connect automatically and circuit start to work again. In order to get over with inertia coasting operation, there is electric braking inside of electric motor control circuit of electric actuators.

The next electric actuators component is reducer to lessen the speed when the operation speed of electric actuator is too fast. And the electric actuators adopt planet speed cutting worm gear operated actuator. And the reducer possesses mechanical effects as well as mechanical self-locking character. In addition, the reducers of electric actuators are composed of multiple swing reducers matching up with feed screw nut gearing device.

Another electric actuators component is moment travel limiter, which is a standard unit inside of reducer. And the moment travel limiter is composed of excessive moment protection actuator, travel control actuator, position sensor as well as Amphenol connector. The excessive moment protection actuator is created that when planetary gear creates deflection when delivering moment and it stir the oscillating rod inside of outer ring of the gear. Both ends of the oscillating rod are equipped with a sensor element to measure compression spring as positive moment and reverse moment. And when output moment exceeds rated limited moment, the deflection of inner gear makes electric actuators to touch moment switch and cut off control circuit to stop the electric motor. In addition, the travel control actuator is composed of cam group and micro switch. And the cam group is linked to reducer transmission axle. And it is possible to limit the travel of actuator through adjusting the position of cam group that is functioned on positive and reverse micro switch. As for the position sensor, it makes conductive plastic potentiometer with high accuracy as well as long service life as position sensor elements to control the electric actuator.

In addition, there is also switch control tank as well as hand wheel to constitute the electric actuators components.

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