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The Categories of Electric Actuators

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Electric actuators are the electromagnetic element which transfers electric energy into mechanical energy to achieve advance and return movement or rotational motion. The common electric actuators are DC servo-motor, alternating current servomotor, stepping motor, electromagnetic brake, relay and etc. Electric actuators have several functions such as wide range of speed, high sensitivity, instant reaction and no rotation and also can work in a continuous, reliable and long-term way. Under the condition of special environment, electric actuators can meet some special requirements of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant. With the development of automatic control technology, the varieties of electric actuators get update continuously and the performance of electric actuators gets improved continuously. Some new promising electric pneumatic actuators are brushless motor, low-inertia motor, slow-speed motor, linear motor and planar motor.

DC servo-motor

DC servo-motor is the direct-current motor which can transfer the input signal into angular displacement or angular velocity to output and drive the load. In accordance with initiation, it can be divided into electromagnetic type and magneto. The working principle of it is the same with common DC motor. DC servo-motor generally applied into automatic control system of larger power. The output power is commonly 1~600 watt.

Alternating Current Servomotor

Alternating current servomotor is the two phase asynchronous motor among which the axis of electronic winding is the difference of 90°electrical angle in the space. One of the phases is regarded as field winding which is connected in the fixed AC power and the other is regarded as controlling the power amplifier of output voltage winding. Compared with the DC servo-motor, alternating current servomotor eliminates the disturbance of the brush friction and sparking on commentator. As a result, the working of it is very reliable and the life span is long. However, the nonlinearity of mechanical performance and control performance, the parameter of the motor changes are according to the rotate speed. Therefore, the dynamic property of control system will not have a bad effect.

Electromagnetic Brake

According to the power supply, the electromagnetic brake can be divided into AC and DC. The working principle is as follows. When the motor powers, the electromagnet coil gets power at the same time and actuates the electromagnet. The motor can move freely through lever to loosen brake and break wheel.

After the briefly introduction of categories of electric actuators, we believe that you will understand it very well. We also hope that this article will help you not only in the daily life but also in the working time. Finally, we hope you can share this article with your friends and families and come to our next topic.

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