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The Brief Introduction of Pneumatic Actuators

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Pneumatic actuators are the executive component which can transfer air energy into mechanical energy to achieve advance and return movement or rotational motion. The pneumatic actuator achieving straight reciprocating motion is called air cylinder; another pneumatic actuator achieving rotational motion is called air motor. Here we will briefly introduce these two actuators.

Air Cylinder

Air cylinder is the main executive component in the pneumatic power drive. According to the basic construction, air cylinder can be divided into single acting and double acting. The compressed air of the former enters the cylinder from one side to make piston drive forward. The spring force or self-weight from other side makes the piston back to its original position. The advance and return movement of piston in the air cylinder in the latter is impelled by the compressed air. The air cylinder is made up of front end cover, back end cover, the piston, cylinder barrel and piston rod. Air cylinder usually uses the compressed air of 0.5~0.7 MPa as the power source. With the enlargement of applied range, air cylinder of new construction happens continuously, such as air cylinder with travel control, the cylinder of feeding gas and liquid, cylinder of feeding gas and liquid orderly, air cylinder with two modes of motion advance and return movement and rotational motion. They are applied widely in terms of mechanical automation and robot. In addition, cylinder with no oil and gas and small cylinder with light weight.

Air Motor

Air motor can be divided into oscillating type and rotary type. The former achieves limited rotational motion and the latter achieves continuous rotary motion. Air motor of oscillating type has two kinds, vane type and screw type. Air motor with screw type transfers the linear motion into rotational motion through screw. Compared with vane type, even though its weight is little heavy, the airtight performance is very excellent. Rotary actuator transmits the torque depending on pin roll fixed in the axis. Air motor with rotary type can achieve steeples speed. Only controlling the gas flow can adjust power and speed. It also has the function of overload protection.

After the brief introduction of pneumatic actuators, we have faith in letting you further the electric actuators . We faithfully hope that this article will really help you not only in the daily life, but also in the working time. In addition, we want you to share this article with your families and friends and let them know some knowledge about pneumatic actuators. Thank you for your reading this article. We look forward to seeing you next time.

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