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The Basic Aspects about Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

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Application of pneumatic actuators well requires us to know pneumatic actuator accessories in details, mainly concluding four parts as following:

1 Installation

One of the most momentous pneumatic actuator accessories is installing the machine, and six points are worth noting.

(1) Ensure the coaxially of the actuator output shaft and the valve installation, and flexible rotation, no creeping.

(2) Connection pipe, fittings and accessories should be clean.

(3) Confirm the air pipes, pressure, voltage and signals to meet the requirements before commissioning shall.

(4) The compressed air shall be filtered, dried, dew point -15 ° C below to dehumidification.

(5) Valve should open to the automatic position when debugging.

(6) The manually device should be disconnected when use pneumatic operation, otherwise the opposite.

As the user, there is more knowledge we should take care of pneumatic actuator accessories’ installation, right into your eyes.

2. Routine maintenance

The second factor of pneumatic actuator accessories is routine maintenance. Besides focusing on daily clean every parts and adjustment of machine, paying more attention to pneumatic control valve is essential. When the valve made with graphite asbestos packing, add a lubricating oil in the packing about three months to ensure that the valve is flexible use. Found filling pressure cap is very low, should be added fillers. Pay attention to run the tour check valve, check valve position indicator. Keep valve clean and integrity of good. These messages are critical to protect pneumatic actuator accessories for a long service life.

3. Common faults and reasons:

Pneumatic actuator control valve is the key component, also the most prone to failure in position, therefore, we need to understand the failure and its cause to prolong pneumatic actuator accessories use life.

(1) Valve does not work.

A. No signal, no source: ①source. ② As the gas source water freezing in the winter, leading to duct blockage or filter. ③Compressor failure.

B. Gas source, no signal: ① Regulator failure. ② Signal pipe leak. ③ The corrugated pipe leaks locator.

C. Air free locator: ① Filter clogging. ② The relief valve failure. ③ Pipeline leak or blockage.

D. Locator gas source, no output: locator orifice plug.

Next, master why control valve is instability is significant for electric actuators accessories.

(2) Valve action is not stable:

A. Air pressure is instable: ① Compressor capacity is too small. ② The relief valve failure.

B. Signal pressure is instable: ① Time of control system is not appropriate. ② Regulator output is instable.

C. Air pressure and the signal pressure are stable, but valve action: ① Locator amplifier valve wear off by the dirt loose, increase gas consumption in particular produce output shocks. ② Locator amplifier nozzle plate is not parallel, the baffle can't cover the nozzle etc. Except control valve, other parts are easily wrong and focus on them are relative for pneumatic actuator accessories’ service life.

4. After-sales promises

Manufacturer’s promise of after-sales is the key for pneumatic actuator accessories to take effect, and services as following:

After the warranty period, the supplier after receiving the notice, send professional and technical service personnel if needing to solve in the scene, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, it does not solve the problem that service personnel won’t evacuate. Some other after-sales are needed if reasonable, because whole have done just extend the life of pneumatic actuator accessories.

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