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The Application of Electric Actuators in Spring

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Spring is the season of farming, the farming season with necessary machinery and equipment, mechanization of modern is little not the machine electric actuators can be used in the machine, pump, such as machinery and equipment, so as the driving energy of electric pneumatic actuators works, let's focus on.

Till we need machine, pump, transplanted, etc. Series farm equipment. These machines without electric actuator drive, because it is to drive energy of electric actuator.

Let's learn about the electric actuator as a drive energy works, as well as information about the electric actuators, to understand the application of electric actuators in spring.

Electric actuator is regarded as the driving energy of the water pump machine, the related parameters in the electric actuator.

Electric actuator is to control system back to the transformation of various types of electric valve drive device, used to control the opening and closing of the valve, suitable for butterfly valve, ball valve and throttle isometric trip valve, can accurately according to the control instruction action, is to realize remote control, set the valve control and automatic control of essential driving devices.

The advantage of electric actuators as power sources:

1. Advanced and complete series: intelligent, proportion, switch, all kinds of signal output type electric actuators can meet the needs of all kinds of automatic control.

2. Volume small, the beauty is generous: electric actuators shell adopts alloy die casting, smooth lines, the volume and weight is only equivalent to 35% of the similar products.

3. The electric actuator of reasonable structure, strong commonality: motor stow, integration of the output, intelligent control modules are integrated in the electric actuator, can adapt to the needs of all sorts of form a complete set of functions.

4. The power of the electric actuator, a variety of speed, can meet the needs of a variety of conditions, the single-phase power supply, three-phase power supply, dc power supply (AC24, AC110, AC220, AC380, D C24 total travel time of 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds.

5. The protection of the electric actuator, easy to use: by 1500 v voltage detection, F class insulation motor, overheating protection, overload protection, double spacing. Avoid, dustproof, waterproof, antirust, can install at any Angle.

When the electric actuator used as driving energy matters need to be aware of:

1: the operating sequence: a. electric actuators mechanical connection installed with the valve body. B. the power and control signal lines connected to complete. C. dials the code to open.

Set to the need to position: D. according to the "red" adaptive button 3 seconds, waiting for the electric actuator drive running a full schedule.

2: the feedback signal always maintain: Electric actuator drive shaft run down feedback signal decreases and the electric actuator drive shaft running up feedback signal increases.

3: when the electric actuator drive does not grant phenomenon, once again, please press the "red" adaptive button 3 seconds.

In spring, electric actuator as driving energy equipment is very important. If you want to learn about more, please focus on us.

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