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The Application of Developed Pneumatic Actuators Shaft Couplings

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World known pneumatic actuators manufacture has in general devoted great efforts in every design engineering detail so as to reduce the oscillation in the pneumatic actuators mechanical system. The good news is that at present this problem can be solved by means of a suitable modification of dynamic properties of the flexible shaft pneumatic actuators couplings on the basis of the dynamics in the given pneumatic actuators systems.

However, the dynamic properties of the couplings are not so easy to be changed due to such reasons as aging and fatigue processes occurring, which is especially true in terms of flexible pneumatic actuators coupling elements and as a result, the detuning of mechanical system might occur at times. Yet if we take into consideration the previous pneumatic actuators application situation, we may arrive at a conclusion that this kind of mechanical systems application has already been improved a lot, thanks to the newly developed pneumatic actuators couplings that are marked by constant characteristic features during the whole operation process and thus having a positive influence on the system performance as a whole.

After a long time operation of the pneumatic actuators mechanical system, it is essential to prevent the currently used pneumatic actuators flexible shaft couplings from causing accidental effects due to changes of mechanical properties that will drive the piston machinery. By doing so, electric actuators are able to avoid dangerous oscillation in the first place and for this reason, the system which is tuned originally can be detuned in such cases that the pneumatic actuators component in the system as well as the flexible shaft coupling is capable of further reducing or even eliminating dangerous oscillation once and for all. Therefore, some experts suggest that apart from applying developed pneumatic actuators flexible shaft couplings including pneumatic tuners of oscillations, the aim of reducing oscillation should be set from early on so as to ensure a suitable tuning of the oscillating mechanical systems.

At the same time, a number of experiments and researches are carried out with the main purpose of presenting to the pneumatic actuators technical community more new knowledge in terms of pneumatic actuators couplings. To be more specific, in the world known pneumatic actuators manufacture research and development area concerning pneumatic actuators couplings, there are mainly two domains of attention including pneumatic actuators with type designation or with auto regulation. Both types consist of a driving part and a driven part between which situated a compression space filled with pneumatic actuators medium and created by differential components that are arranged and connected to each other. In addition, each of the pneumatic actuators differential components has a flexible element with the external diameter of more than one hundred mm.

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