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Technical Requirements of Plastic Manual Valves

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It is quite important for plastic valves manual to reach the standard of technical requirement. Usually plastic manual valves are used on safety protection device as electric actuators . There would be hidden security problems.

1. Plastic valves manual raw material requirement.

The raw material of plastic valves manual should be agreed with the rules of ISO 15493:2003 and ISO 15494:2003, including the valves body, bonnet and cover. You can find ISO 15493:2003 from “industrial plastic piping systems, ABS, PVC-U and PVC pipes and pipe fittings system specifications - part 1: metric series “ and ISO 15494:2003 from “industrial plastic piping systems - PB, PE and PP - pipe and fitting system specifications - part 1: metric series”

2. Plastic valves manual design requirement.

a. If the plastic valves manual only have one direction of pressure-bearing, an arrow sign should be printed outside of the valves, and the designed valves should be suitable for Two-way fluid flow and isolation.

b. The sealing parts precede the opening and closing actions by stem drive valve. It should be in the terminal point, or any intermediate position to locate by friction, and fluid pressure will not change its position.

c. The plastic valves manual design should be in accordance with EN736-3, when the valve cavity channel holes should meet the following minimum two points:

- For any one aperture on the valves, its valve should not be less than 90% DN;

- For Plastic valves manual with structures not small enough, the manufacturer should indicate the actual number of minimum hole.

d. The seal between the stem and the body should be consistent with EN736-3.

e. The flow rate of all applicable valves operating device should reach 3m/ s.

g. The handle or hand wheel valve should be close to the valve clockwise.

3. Plastic valves manual manufacturing requirements

a) The raw materials and raw performance should be consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions and in comply with product standards.

b) The Plastic valves manual shall be marked with the materials code, diameter DN, PN nominal pressure on the body.

c) The valve should be marked with the producer’s name or trademark.

d) The valve should be marked with the production code.

e) The valve should be marked with producer code from different production places.

4. Short-term performance requirements

Short-term performance of plastic valves manual is part of the standard factory inspection program, mainly consisting of the test of valve seat seal and checking for sealing plastic valves. It demands that plastic valve cannot have internal leakage (seat leakage) phenomenon, and cannot have external leakage (valve leakage) phenomenon as well.

The Valve seat seal test is to verify the performance of the piping system isolation valve, and the valve body seal test is to verify that there is no seal leakage between the valve stem seals and valves connecting parts.

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