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Some Types of Ball Valve

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Ball Valve was invented in 1950s, and with the rapid development of technology, and at present it has became one of the main valve. Western industrialized countries use ball valves widely. China also widely uses ball valve in chemical, petroleum refining, water, paper, pharmaceutical, and other industries. It illustrates that how important ball valve is.

Ball valve is used to make the switch, cut off valve for the function that it can close pipeline tightly by operating with a 90-degree rotation and a small torque. And it can cut, distribute and change the flow direction in the pipeline.

There are some main ball valve types: pneumatic valve, the electric valve, hydraulic ball valve, pneumatic and hydraulic ball valve, the electric ball valve actuator , turbo drive ball and so on.

Introduce one of main ball valve types-- Pneumatic valve firstly. Pneumatic valve is connected with pneumatic actuators. It is also named pneumatic quick disconnect valve because of fast relatively execution speed. And its fastest switching speed can even reach 0.05 seconds / second sometimes! Pneumatic valve can be centralized controlled in the control room, so people do not need to control it on the spot, which saves time and human resources and decreases dangerousness. Except above-mentioned advantages, pneumatic valve has a small size, and can be made into a large-caliber, and it is reliable with simple structure. Also it is easy to be checked and repaired. All of its advantages make it widely used in each industry.

There is another main type of ball valve named the electric valve. Just as the name implies, the electric valve is controlled by electric actuators . It is a significant executive part of industrial automation control system. The electric valve is a pipeline pressure component, which is used to control remote media channels. It also has its outstanding superiority. Electric valve also have a simple structure with only several parts, which saves natural resources and decides it has a small size as well as light weight. Also it is easy to be installed with its small installation dimensions. Moreover, it is agile, and it can close quickly only needs to be rotated 90 °. It is widely used in different areas and it can be used in the large caliber and low pressure. Electric ball is not only widely used in the traditional industrial like oil industry, water industry, chemical industry, gas industry and so on, but also used in emerging industries.Electric ball valve consists of two parts: cock type ball valves and electric actuators. Its ball valve structure is 90 degrees rotation of valve core. And the electric actuator is driven by switch box of regulating valve. It is mainly operated by discharging and adjusting electric.

Ball valve have different kinds of types, which decides that it’s widely used in plenty of industries.

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