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Some Information About Pneumatic Actuator Classification

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Pneumatic actuators belong in one of the three actuators , pneumatic actuators and it has classified its main categories below to make a brief introduction : pneumatic actuators in the main , there are two categories , one kind of double-acting pneumatic actuators , one for single-acting pneumatic actuators , the two implementing agencies there is no difference, under what circumstances can choose it?

Pneumatic double acting pneumatic actuators are mainly in the consisting of a gear on the actuator double acting pneumatic actuators output torque to a pressure which is generated in the main source of the piston section of double acting pneumatic actuators showing the radius of the resultant, in the work of their friction resistance is relatively small, but its efficiency is very high. When working in a dual role of executive agencies, whether it clockwise or counter-clockwise torque of double acting pneumatic actuators output is linear. In general, normal operation, recommended safety factor of double acting actuator 25 per cent to 50 percent.

Optional single-acting pneumatic actuators mainly in spring return applications, its output torque is mainly in two different operations obtained, according to the itinerary of single-acting pneumatic actuators working position, and each operation will produce two different torque values. After the output torque of the spring reset mechanism , mainly by the spring force of the air pressure of single-acting pneumatic actuators and to produce a first case, the torque output is mainly in the air pressure of the compression spring into the resulting cavity of single-acting pneumatic and electric actuators , which also forcing the piston position some changes .

A reaction force of single-acting pneumatic actuators generated in the compression spring, and its starting point from the maximum torque of single-acting pneumatic actuators is formed which is gradually decreasing in the second case occurs. It is mainly the torque output of the restoring force of which loss of gas chambers in the spring on the proceeds of the piston, the output torque of single-acting pneumatic actuators will be some changes. And optional double acting pneumatic actuator single acting actuators but also to make a decision based on the actual working conditions of single-acting pneumatic actuators , and the choice of a real working environment suitable for implementing agencies for such work plays an important beneficial effects on the contrary, it will affect the work .

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