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Some Facts for Pneumatic Actuator

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Pneumatic actuators are devices which receive exert control information and control the role of the controlled object in automation technology tools. Actuators driven by the energy used into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators three kinds.

Pneumatic actuator and regulatory agencies is a unit and it is divided into four kinds including diaphragm type servomotor, piston-type, fork-type and rack-and-pinion. Piston-type with a long length are used for the situations with high requirements for the propulsive force. While diaphragm type servomotor with a shorter length than piston-type, can directly drive the valve stem. Fork-type pneumatic actuators have some characteristics like big torque, small space, torque curve more suitable for valves, but it is not very beautiful and commonly used in high torque valves. Rack-and-pinion of pneumatic actuator also has a few of features of simple structure, stable and reliable operation and safety explosion-proof, etc. So now there is a wide range of applications requiring high security production plants, chemicals and oil refining, etc.

Faced with many similar products on the market, it is a frequently asked question about how to choose for the majority of users in order to ensure that the high-quality products are picked up. After all, performance indicators and technical indicators are no longer in a short time can be identified, and at this time, the brand often becomes an easy way to effective standards of identifying product quality. As far as I am concerned, the FLOWX Company can be called the forerunner and tycoon in the industry of valves. It is high-tech control valve manufacturers integrated R & D, production, sales and it originated in Rome, Italy.

So there is pneumatic and electric actuators manufacture with a long history in the company. The company is committed to providing advanced, high-quality automation products and professional technical and quality services for China's vast industrial users. The company introduced advanced technology from Italia and tends to the manufacturing processes in accordance with Italians.

What’s more, the FLOWX Company employ a large number of top engineers both in domestic and abroad. And they strive to make a bold move of breakthrough and innovation, in the aspects of materials, processes, technology. By doing so, the new materials, processes and technology can be used in a wide range of applications. The company with a variety of products and superior quality of products and services are always first-class in the industry. At present, the company's products have been widely used in many fields including petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, iron and steel, chemicals, water treatment, bio-pharmaceutical, papermaking, food, military, etc. The company specialized in actuators and it is a great manufacturer especially for pneumatic actuator manufacture with a long history.

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