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Some FAQ about Limit Switch

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Limit switch is a switch that used to limit mechanical equipment. It is can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. Limit switch is common low current master control electric equipment. It use mechanical moving parts’ collision to limit mechanical motion’s location or route, so it can make machines auto stop、 aversive movement、 variable movement or self-motion to-and-fro movement follow a fixed location or route. So it can control its route to get terminal limit location protection. Limit switch FAQ is also be seen for users’ interest.
These is because limit switch is often used in many fields, there must be some questions have confused the users, here are some FAQ about limit switch:
1. Q:Is there limit switch can high temperature resistance?
A:Yes, some product’s highest using temperature is 120 degree.
2. Q:Is there limit switch can explosive-proof?
A:Yes, some product’s have this property.
3. Q:In limit switches, what is the difference between one side operation type and both-side operation type?
A:with regard to one-side operation, limit switch will only operate when the lever is pushed in one direction, to the left or to the right. With both-side operation type, when the lever is pushed in either direction, switches will effective.
4. Q:Can limit switch’s head portion be separated bought?
A:Yes, some product’s parts replacement are available.
5. Q:How to get the cam direction changing procedure for over travel?
A:First, use a coin or screwdriver to loose the cam, then take the cam from the switch out, change the direction of the cam, last, reinstall the cam.
6. Q:Does a “conventional” limit switch can be used for safety applications?
A:Yes, so long as the switch is effective, it can be use for it.
7. Q:Why a feedback limit switch does
t work when on opening or closing?
A:Check the upper limit switches (the feedback control switches must be put to the position that slightly ahead of the motor control switches ).
8. Q:Can the lever of a general-purpose limit switch be mounted to other mode’s ?
A:Yes, the lever can be mounted, but some particular function may not realize.
9. Q:For some production, is there rubber protection on it, can it be disassembled?
A:Generally speaking, the rubber protection can be disassembled。
10. Q:Does limit switch can easily mounted to pneumatic actuators?
A:Yes, it is can. Just as it on electric actuators.

Above all are just some FAQ about limit switch, as a tool to limit mechanical equipment’s move location, its effect is obvious, the question may be many, too, it is lucky that each question had an answer.

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