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Sewage Treatment Plant is Reduced to The Furnishings Main Problems

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The eighteen proposed to strengthen environmental protection, to build a beautiful Chinese. During this year NPC and CPPCC, representatives for environmental issues to hitherto unknown attention. Reportedly, 2014 is expected to introduce "clean water action plan".

Rural sewage treatment is of concern, however, a group of data make people sigh: Hubei province existing 50 township sewage treatment plant, only 8 of normal operation; the 8 sewage treatment plants, and half the operating load rate of less than 50%. Comprehensive calculation, 50 sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment rate was only 16%.

Country spent a huge sum of money to build a sewage treatment plant, the purpose is to control the straight row, to ensure that the environment is not polluted, build beautiful homes. Unfortunately, so many township sewage treatment plant is completed but not for sewage purification function, become a kind of decoration day "the sun", I really do not know what to say. If it continues, not only at the expense of the environment, but also do not know how many machines will gradually rust, and eventually become a pile of scrap metal, resulting in serious economic losses, so sad!

I really do not know, only one in Hubei Province in the country like this, then, is how many sewage treatment plant is completed not, wasted funds? Thought of here, not a deep anxiety. Of course, cause so many township sewage treatment plant into the display reasons, the surface is the follow-up construction funds can not keep up, sewage pipe network is not smooth. But I think, and lax supervision, lack of accountability also can not get away.

In fact, in some places, build sewage treatment plants is likely to "achievement projects", "face job", is the so-called "official digital, digital official" needs. After the completion of the factory can play a role, to the local environmental protection energy release is usually quite keen, some local officials ignored by sounding. But over the years, never heard any official for sewage treatment plant long-term "sun" be held responsible, not to mention the picking time. Thus, a large number of idle rural sewage treatment plant is "logical", how the local effects of pollution control, the people are not satisfied with, but one can imagine.

The official term, the benefit of a party. Really hope that officials at all levels to the prevention and control of environmental pollution in a more important position, will sewage treatment plant idle utilized fully, as far as possible to minimize the pollution, do not allow for the official pollution side, the scourge side. In addition, the environmental protection departments as the Department of law enforcement, law enforcement for who should set up the idea, not law enforcement for the leading fishing achievements, nor for departmental interests to "fines", but for the state and the interests of the masses and enforce the law impartially, for future generations to leave a piece of clear water and blue sky and severe punishment Jun method. Only in this way, the sewage treatment plant into decoration "Cup" will "die in one's bed".

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