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Sewage Management Will Become an Important Issue NPC and CPPCC

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Since last year, the spread of haze weather in most parts of the country, and the main reason to cause this phenomenon is not when the discharge behavior. Therefore, in the upcoming NPC and CPPCC, sewage treatment will become an important point. It is reported, in the national NPC and CPPCC representatives have arrived, a lot of people brought about air pollution bill, bill electric actuators .

Long focused on air pollution of the CPPCC National Committee member Sun Taili said in an interview with the media, although the policy must operate to high pollution, high energy consumption of the "food industry", but a lot of pressure was cut is "flies" level of small enterprises, small workshops, there are few "tiger" level of large enterprises, listing Corporation, real large sewage down indefinitely.

National People's Congress Song Xinfang said, have all kinds of connections with the interests of the chain, let some local governance haze when exercise. It should be "air quality improve year by year" as a regional development binding requirements, establish the restriction mechanism u type butterfly valve .

In March 1st, "Beijing City, air pollution control regulations" formally implemented. According to regulations, heavy pollution, enterprise refuses to stop production or limited production maximum fine of 500000 yuan; vehicle emissions exceed the standard, the highest to 3000 yuan punishment.

But Sun Jing argued in an JINGWAH Times interview, method of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution a serious limitation is that the punishment is not enough, leading to illegal sewage enterprises too low cost. The data fraud business to them, the administrative punishment is exhaust the maximum amount of data fraud and a fine of 50000 yuan, which is even smaller than the cost of the sewage treatment business day.

In addition, the Shandong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Zhang Bo suggestions, punishment to the heavy, let the sewage enterprises "serious dissipate one's fortune".

Governance haze, need is not only time, and the public environmental protection and sense of responsibility. If a room full of people smoking, one or two people do not smoke, is to be of no avail. We can't complain about the haze, while NIMBY to persist in one's old ways.

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