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Several Kinds of the Limit Switch Advantages

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Infrared Limit Switch Advantages

Infrared limit switch is a machine fixed between two or more cranes in the stamping workshop industry heavy truck in order to ensure safe distance and parking control in running cars. The transmitters and reflectors of infrared limit switch are fixed in the front of bumper replacing limit feet touch limit switch . The infrared limit switch advantages are as follow.

1. Emission and reflection control accuracy of infrared ray is more than limit contact bin rod.

The limit feet touch switch takes shape by JiaoTie connection. The long-term motion collision and friction touch have a great impact on the its precision to loosen limit and shift limit switch anchor. As time passes, it will produce the dislocation and cannot keep in touch when touching the switch. And then it will further cause the incident involving the two cars.

Through installing infrared speed limiter, the inside equipment---infrared emitter shines in the driving reflector in the infrared speed limit switch through emitted infrared ray to put distance, calculate and trigger and achieve driving speed and safe parking. The limit precision of this equipment is higher and more stable.

2. The speed and stopping distance can be adjustable.

Infrared speed limit of driving device configuration has the function of reducing speed and adjusting parking range. In addition, it can meet lifting with all kinds of technology conditions and handling requirements. The deceleration distance of infrared speed limiter is between 5-18m. That is to say when two cars drive to the range of 5-18m, they can reduce the speed by adjusting knob in the device. In this range, it can adjust the reducing distance according to current working condition.

With the development of industry, new-type infrared speed limiter generally replaces old-fashioned limit switch and gets popular from the users.

Valve Limit Switch Advantages

The valve limit switch is a field instrument to show the place of valve and give a feedback of signal though autonomous system to output the signal of switching valve by opening or closing the place of valve. The valve limit switch has many features such as beautiful appearance, reliable quality, stable performance and free-maintenance. The valve limit switch advantages are as follow:

1. The principle axis adopts stainless steel (304) which can resist corrosion and wear.

2. The indicating cover adopts PC application of composite mound process. The intensity is very strong and the side boundary will not be worn to fade color.

After the brief introduction of several kinds of the limit switch advantages: the infrared limit switch advantages and the valve limit switch advantages. We believe that you will understand them more vividly. Next time, we will detailed introduce the electric actuators.

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