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Right Tips for Limit Switch FAQ

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Limit switch FAQ, is used to control the mechanical equipment trip and limit protection. In actual production, limit switch FAQ will be installed in the pre-arranged position, when installed on the production of mechanical parts of module hit limit switch FAQ, limit switch FAQ contact action, implementation of circuit switching. Therefore, the limit switch FAQ’s position is in accordance with the moving parts of the trip and switching circuit of the electric equipment. Limit switch FAQ is widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery, used to control the schedule, for terminal limit protection. In elevator control circuit, and using the limit switch FAQ to control switch of the speed of the car doors, automatic doors limit, capsules, and the lower level protection.

Limit switch FAQ for protect the built-in micro switch from external forces, such as water, oil, gas and dust, and assembled in the shell, especially suitable for mechanical strength and environmental adaptability have special requirements. Limit switch FAQ for more electric actuators , roughly divided into horizontal, vertical and complex shape.

For the limit switch FAQ, micro switch drive mechanism is directly related to sealing performance and motion characteristics of the important part. The structure of the limit switch FAQ is divided into the following three categories: (1) the piston type; (2) the hinge swinging rod type: at the end of swinging rod (ball), plunger stroke quantity according to the proportion of swinging rod, therefore, generally don't use OT absorption mechanism; (3) rotating pendulum rod type: for example the structure of the WL. Besides that, there are another two types. Below brief introduction of the limit switch FAQ using matters needing attention.

Please don't in a flash gas, explosive gas environment alone limit switch FAQ; along with the switch arc caused by fever, can cause fire or explosion accidents, etc. Limit switch FAQ is not waterproof sealing structure, so the oil or water splash, flying, or there is dust adhesion, please directly with protection cover to prevent droplets. Limit switch and pneumatic actuatorsFAQ will also because of the outdoors or special cutting oil lead to switch material deterioration and degradation, so choose pneumatic actuators please inquire when professionals. Please install the switch will not directly in contact with the chip or the location of the dust, please don't be in hot water (+ 60 ℃ above) and water vapor. Please don't in the specified temperature, switch to use outdoor air conditions. The model allows the ambient temperature is different, if there is a sharp changes in temperature, thermal shock will cause the switch is loose, the cause of failure. Operators will not carefully limit switch installed in the FAQ or the place where the accident prone to disoperation, please add cover. Switches are continuous vibration and impact, wear dust may cause contact poor contact and movement disorders, reduced endurance, and other issues.

In addition, excessive vibration and impact, if any, contact disoperation and damage may occur, please will therefore limit switch installed in the FAQ position and was not influenced by the vibration and impact on the direction of the resonance will not occur. Using silver department contact if prolonged or small load condition, low frequency use generated sulfide film contact surface will not be destroyed, lead to contact poor contact, so please use gold plated contacts and small load limit switch FAQ.

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