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Professional Information on Electric Actuator Build-up

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The required specific performances of the control system design of intelligent electric actuator build-up are as follows:

1) Intelligent pneumatic actuators has three control modes: stopping control, remote control, local control;

2) Now electric actuator build-up is equipped with manual/automatic switch function, the former of which is the operator has to control the switch of the valve through the mechanical parts when it is in the power or electrical failure;

3) According to the latest electric actuator build-up, the actuator can receive 4 ~ 20 ma current analog and switch quantity to realize the motor forward, reverse and halt;

4) The system can make real-time monitoring of the operating condition of the valve and motor, and realize the closed loop control of the motor through the feedback signal;

5) When doing the electric actuator build-up, it is equipped with abundant online display and comprehensive protection function. You can be intuitive to see valves and main parameters of the motor, the alarm signal through the liquid crystal display;

6) New electric actuator build-up with automatic detection and diagnosis function can detect the circuit automatically to ensure the correct operation, when the electric actuator has been switching to power supply. When the fault occurs, the electric actuator control system can automatically diagnose and transmit the diagnostic information to display shows;

7) The application of the infrared remote control technology can make fast and convenient parameter settings, improving the electric actuator's ability of adapting to complex environment;

8) Intelligent electric actuator build-up has a built-in 9v back-up battery. When parking system is power down, the spare batteries can be connected immediately, in order to save the current opening situation of valve and provide a reference for the operator;

9) Electric actuator build-up makes it have strong anti-interference ability and hydraulic/surge protection ability, especially the ability of overcoming the interference from outside temperature, noise, etc.

Electric actuator build-up uses DSPIC30F series single chip as micro controller to ensure the good stability of the system. From the performance of the system, electric actuator build-up includes seven modules: the main control module, man-machine interface module, power drive module, signal input and output module, local/remote control module, audio system protection module, alarm module. Electric actuator build-up makes each module a separate interface module and a close whole through the modular design, improving the scalability and maintainability of the system.

The performance of the design of the electric actuators build-up is as follows:

1) Main control module is the core of the system, which is in charge of the whole system control and scheduling. Each module performs the corresponding operation through the issued instructions from the module.

2) The man-machine interface module uses the transmitting and receiving infrared remote sensing technology. The sending part is mainly done by remote control and the receiving part makes the main control board on the remote sensing receiving head.

3) Signal input/output module: the current signal the electric actuator receives is 4 ~ 20 ma while the micro controller receives and outputs digital signals. Signal input/output module performs the function of conversing the current signal and digital signal.

4) Local/remote control module: in order to protect the motor and system security when the system power has failure and the failure makes the automatic control system stop normal work, the system designs this module to solve the problem. Remote control module allows the staff in the main control room to carry out operation on the actuator, improving the ability of intelligent electric actuator’s adapting to bad environments.

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