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Pneumatic Actuators in the Filter Market

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The filter market of products include air treatment equipment, water treatment equipment, etc., we focus on to get to know about air treatment equipment of pneumatic actuators. The filter market of pneumatic actuator in the application is one of the air treatment equipment.

Pneumatic actuators pneumatic transmission system, air source treatment unit refers to the air filter, relief valve and oil mist, some brands of solenoid valve and cylinder can realize oil-free lubrication (depends on the function of lubricating grease), don't need to use the oil mist detector! Filtering is generally 50-75 microns, regulating range of 0.5 to 10Mpa, for filtration precision for 5 to 10 microns, 10-20 microns, 25 to 40 microns, and regulation of 0.05 to 0.05Mpa, 0.051Mpa. Air filter, relief valve and oil mist detector of a pipe connection component is called the joint parts. Air filter, relief valve and oil mist detector is indispensable in most of the pneumatic system air supply device, installed in a nearby gas equipment, is the end of the compressed air quality guarantee. Air filter, the installation of pressure reducing valve and oil mist order in accordance with the direction of inlet air filter, relief valve and oil mist, respectively. Air filters and pressure reducing valve can called pneumatic duplex pieces together. Can also be air filters and pressure reducing valve set packed together, became the filtering pressure reducing valve (function combined with air filters and pressure reducing valve use). Some places cannot allow existing in the compressed air to oil mist, you will need to use oil mist separator oil mist filter in the compressed air. All in all, these a few elements can choose according to their needs, and their combination can be used.

Pneumatic actuators in air filter for the air clean, can filter the moisture in compressed air, avoid water enters the device with the gas.

Pneumatic actuators in the voltage regulator, pressure reducing valve for air pressure to make the air in a constant state, because of the change in air pressure can be reduced with the valve or electric actuators and other hardware damage. The filters for air clean and filter in the compressed air moisture, avoid water with gas into the device.

Pneumatic actuators of oil mist lubrication, on the body moving parts for the parts is not convenient to add lubricant can be lubricated, greatly extend the service life of the body.

Air source treatment unit instructions in the pneumatic actuators:

1, pneumatic actuators filter drainage with differential pressure drainage and manual drainage two kind of way. When the water level when manual drainage filter below the level before must discharge.

2, when the pressure of the pneumatic actuators adjustment, please turn the knob in the former pull rotation, pressure rotating knob for positioning. Rotate knob to the right to raise the outlet pressure, rotation for the lower outlet pressure to the left. Adjust the pressure should be gradually evenly to the required pressure value, should not step adjustment in place.

3, the use of the oil feeder in pneumatic actuators: oil feeder using JIS K2213 lose oil (ISO Vg32 or oil at the same level). Amount please doesn’t more than eight full cups. 0 the minimum amount for oil, 9 for oil is the largest. Since 9 - zero position can't rotate, must be clockwise.

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