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Pneumatic Actuators Working Condition

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It is known to all of us that working temperature plays a key role to the function of the pneumatic actuators. So does to pneumatic actuators. Working in hot weather or high temperature will influence the device to some extent. It is especially true to devices that are usually working in hot weather. On account of this, pneumatic actuator is designed with some special traits that can enable it to work in such condition and can remain perfect performance to meet with basic standard and different temperature requirements.

In generally, pneumatic actuator has a special seal with grease which makes it possible at the temperature between -29° and 121°C. This special seal makes good preparation for the device in high temperature and the grease is much more helpful in that it allows the actuator work under temperature up to 204°C.

When pneumatic actuator works in hot weather or high temperature, we should pay attention to the temperature of the pipeline as well as working condition of the device. For instance, when the temperature of the environment is about 93°C, the position where the actuator is located may be hotter than it. In this case, we should make sure that the highest temperature of the actuator where it is placed. Ambient temperature is sometimes different from the temperature of the actuator itself, and when the temperature reaches to the maximum point, valves may not be able to work well. To avoid this, we should evaluate the highest ambient temperature of the pneumatic actuator carefully and provide some protection. For example, we can provide some shield for machine working outdoors to prevent from sun beat down to it directly. Or we can reduce the duty cycle a little bit when the ambient temperature is too high.

To make sure the pneumatic actuator can working under higher temperature and hot weather, engineers have made some improvement on the device. Such as using aluminum alloy for the external part of the actuator. By applying alloy, it can prevent the actuator from deformation when the weather is undesired such as extremely high temperature. Pneumatic actuator can remain its good working performance under any circumstance. Another improvement about the pneumatic actuator is piston that is filled with PTEE. We know that valve is the key component of actuator, and there are several types of valve can be used for pneumatic actuator. By using a three dimension valve, air flow can be divided into three different directions.

Generally speaking, the performance of electric actuators is changed with the working temperature and environment. Different environment such as humid condition, oil, dust, extreme hot weather can influence the service life and performance of the machine directly. Working in a warm location where it is neither too hot nor too cold would be better. But due to the fact that a perfect working environment is hard to make sure, and therefore it would be better to pay attention to workload range of the machine and have a regular check during the daily usage. Check whether the piston and cylinder is working well because extremely temperature can damage them and affect the working efficiency.

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