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Pneumatic Actuators Working Condition in Hot Weather

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As we know that valves are one of the essential part of pneumatic actuators . Normally, we preferred to install it on the furnaces, builders and even the reacting vessels for heating. This is mainly because the valves are extensively using in exchange heat, transfer heat and even the reaction of heat. In this point, heat or say temperature is the vital working condition for pneumatic actuators. Therefore, series of pneumatic actuators are designed for hot weather to satisfy our basic standard of it and to meet the requirements of temperature levels.

When the producer get into the working condition of pneumatic actuators in hot weather, they find out that a series of it 79 are so different from the general ones that we see before, it allows the temperatures up to 450oF. Then the engineer found out a good way to re-construct the construction and the using of materials. Later on, the high temperature series was developed. In the following, we will show you some details information about this actuators and show out how it works in hot weather.

For the external parts, engineer’s die-cast the whole body and even the top and bottom of it with aluminum alloy. This kind of special treatment is out of avoiding deformation at extreme weather, such as the high temperatures. In other words, this type of the actuators keeps working normally in any circumstance. For the industrial field, it definitely increases the working efficiency and reduces the cost of manufacture process. For the internal parts, they use 303ss for the piston which will be filed with PTEE. What’s more, these pneumatic actuators specially have three-way of valves, which allows the flow from the left port can be diverted into three dimensions to the right port. In this point, it meets the standard of being mounting dimensions. Thereby, it becomes an optional vessel other than a straight line-production.

Generally, the pneumatic actuators are the common component in transferring energy by compressing the air into another form of energy. Under the process compressing, air comes into a motion in two forms, rotary and linear. Later on, this motion creates a force to seal up downward and motivates the piston. As a circulation, this pressure is transferred to the other part of the actuators. In fact, the meaning of “pneumatic” refers to air. According to the history, it comes from the Greek. As we know, air is being everywhere and it can be taken easily, and then compressed into the pneumatic systems. In physics, temperature is key factor on challenging the volume of air. Controlling it well can help you a lot, while it will damage the whole systems. That is why we emphasis the importance of transformation, it saves the trouble on disturbing the working process when it comes to the hot weather. Higher efficiency, less cost and even the longer lifetime are attracting the vision of the manufacturer, for a better profit, every engineer in this field deserve a study in reforming the construction of pneumatic actuator.

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