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Pneumatic Actuators Used by Limit Switch User

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Pneumatic actuators are commonly known as the pneumatic actuator head. Actuators according to its energy form can be divided into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic three categories, each one with its own characteristics and suitable for different occasions. Pneumatic actuators are a category of actuators. Pneumatic actuators used by limit switch user can be divided into two types of single and double action: switches of actuator actions are carried out through the air to drive, called double action. For spring return (single) switch action, only open action is air driven, and the close action is a spring return.

Actuators and regulating mechanism of pneumatic actuators used by limit switch user are a unified whole, the actuator diaphragm includes piston, fork type and gear rack type. Piston stroke is long, which is suitable for a greater thrust required situation; the diaphragm stroke is small, can only directly drive valve stem. Fork type pneumatic instruments have advantages such as torque, the space is little, torque curve more accord with the valve torque curve etc., but not very beautiful; they are commonly used on large torque of the valve. Gear rack type actuator has advantages as simple structure, stable and reliable, and safe explosion-proof, etc. It has wide application in production in power plant, chemical industry, oil refining, etc.

The working principle: When the compressed air from a tube tip into the pneumatic actuator, gas drive double piston to both ends (end) cylinder head linear motion, the rack on the piston driven gears rotate 90 degrees of rotation, then the valve is open. The gas at the ends of pneumatic valve will discharge through B exit. Conversely, when the compressed air from B officer tip into the ends of the electric actuators , gas drive double plug to the middle line movement, the rack on the piston driven gears rotate 90 degrees clockwise on the axis of rotation, then the valve is closed. The air in the pneumatic actuator will be discharged through a pipe in the middle of the gas nozzle. The above is standard transmission principle.

Pneumatic actuators used by limit switch user can be divided according to user requirements, in contrast to the standard transmission principle, namely choose standard shaft rotate clockwise to open valve, counterclockwise rotation to close the valve. Single acting (spring return type) pneumatic actuators A tube tip for air intake, B pipe nozzle for vent pipe nozzle (B) shall be installed muffler.

Low friction material of sliding bearing is adopted to avoid the direct contact with each other between the metal, making it has low friction coefficient, flexible rotation, long service life. Pneumatic actuators used by limit switch user and valve installation, connection size according to international standards with ISO5211 DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845 design, are interchangeable with ordinary pneumatic actuators. Air hole is in accordance with NAMUR standard. Pneumatic execution bottom hole (with ISO5211 standard) is shaped into double square hole, which is easy to linear or 45 ° Angle with square bar installation.

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