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Pneumatic Actuator Basic Knowledge

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The pneumatic actuator basic knowledge is used in air pressure drive executive device or adjusts the valve opening and closing, also called the pneumatic actuator or pneumatic device, but most popular called pneumatic head. The various technical requirements of pneumatic head, described.

Pneumatic actuator basic knowledge and the regulating mechanism is a whole compound, including the actuator diaphragm, piston, fork type and rack and pinion. Piston stroke length is applicable to large energy. And its applications have many requirements; but film type stroke is smaller, it can only directly drive the valve rod, which limits its max efficiency. Pneumatic actuator is made up of many different parts. Each one has its unique function. So it’s high time that we knew some pneumatic actuators basic knowledge.

Working principle of pneumatic actuator basic knowledge

When the compressed air nozzle into the pneumatic actuators from the A tube, gas pushes the piston to the ends of linear motion, the rack piston drives the rotating shaft gear counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees, the valve is opened. The pneumatic gas valve ends with B nozzle discharge. In fact, when the compressed air is released, it will burn and reach a high temperature. Thus it will produce much energy to afford to use, and then the valve is closed. Transmission principle above is the same as the standard type. In order to satisfy the needs of users, pneumatic actuator device changes the transmission principle which is different from the standard type, namely we should choose the shaft clockwise rotation to open the valve, anti-clockwise and meanwhile we should close the valve. Single acting (spring reset type) pneumatic electric actuators A nozzle for air inlet nozzle, B vent (B nozzle should be mounted muffler).

Advantage of pneumatic actuator basic knowledge

1, it is able to accept the gas continuous signal, output linear displacement (add electric pneumatic transfer device, can also accept a continuous electrical signal), some with the rocker arm, which can output angle displacement.

2, there is positive, reverse function.

3, it has high moving speed, but when the load increases the speed will slow down.

4, it has the function of the output power and operating pressure.

5, the reliability is high, but the interruption of gas supply valve can't keep (plus a valve can maintain).

6, it has the inconvenience of subsection control and program control.

7, its maintenance is simple, good adaptability to environment.

8, larger output power.

9, it owns with explosion-proof function.

Pneumatic actuators and valves installation, connection is designed according to the international standard ISO5211, DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845, and the regular exchange of pneumatic actuators.

Shortcomings of pneumatic actuator basic knowledge

Low control precision, double acting pneumatic actuator, air source cannot return to the default location. Single acting pneumatic actuator, air source can rely on spring back to the default location.

It is really necessary for us to know more about pneumatic actuator basic knowledge. So we can apply it in a more appropriate way and exert it into maximum efficiency. Otherwise, it will reduce the working production and destruct the machine more rapidly.

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