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Plastic Valves Working Principle

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Valve manufacturing enterprises belong to the type of enterprise group that has leading technology with unique technology. As the basic form of electric actuators manufacturing enterprise scale has been shaped in our country, series product development method based on platform of innovation strategy can be used on the basis of plastic valves working principle to implement mass customization production mode.

Based on the overall level of the pneumatic actuators industry, scale customization also needs to be paid great efforts and is still in lack of corresponding professional plastic valves working principle support and technical guidance. However, perfect and advanced process can shorten the time of product development, guarantee the product quality and reduce the cost. In view of this, this article, combined with the demand for mass customization from valve industry and enterprise, tries to overcome the shortcomings of valve product design process based on the single product development strategy. On the basis of plastic valves working principle, product platform strategy is proposed on the basis of a large valve rapid design process model structure. And that mainly includes three parts of building up platform, configuration repository build process, platform application processes.

According to plastic valves working principle, the platform is the description to the process of building valve product platform. The first step is to analyze the platform planning. According to market research, you should understand the demand for valve products and make sure what class of target products you really want to develop. And in terms of functionality, performance, adaptation range, the product needs to build a platform of target object, which is a subset of the generalized product family enterprises. On the basis of plastic valves working principle, the goal product achieves the same function in a variety of products of different engineering structures. From the perspective of functional decomposition, the modular analysis should be established. Fully considering the plastic valves working principle, further build platform configuration model and the corresponding is the configuration rule of product design.

According to the plastic valves working principle, configuration repository build process is based on platform of product family planning valve configuration model to store the information related to valve product. In plastic valves working principle, the platform of product family refers to a group of products based on generalized product configuration model involved enterprises. Generalized product family tree refers to the needs of various market segments and associated product series, the form of which is the product structure view of the generalized product structure.

The determining of the product platform of product is based on the demand from a certain segment of the market. Based on the subset of the generalized product family tree product family that is satisfied, you should determine the product platform of the valve product targets. All these are to follow the plastic valves working principle.

The establishment of the electric actuators structure is the key to the platform design. Through the progressive decomposition and selection process of “function -- plastic valves working principle – structure”, or through the material flow, energy flow and function decomposition expression form of signal flow, you can get valve product function structure that satisfies the market segment.

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