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Plastic Valves Pneumatic Actuators Maintenance

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Our company has rich experience, strong technical force and advanced production technology to the manufacture of plastic valves pneumatic electric actuators . Besides, we have complete testing system, which we can test the equipment and provide you with perfect product quality assurance system. Our main products are stainless steel valves, plastic valves, fluorine-butterfly valves, gate valves, ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve and check valve. The valve has good characteristics of corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance, qualitative light, non-toxic, non-polluting, high mechanical strength, no leakage, and sensitive operation. It is convenient to change all these parts with low price advantage. Our products are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, power station, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, paper making, textile, construction and other industries.

Based on international standards of plastic valves pneumatic actuators and test methods of raw material requirements, design requirements and manufacturing requirements, performance requirements, test method, system application requirements and the use of the content such as the relationship between pressure and temperature is introduced, you can understand the need of plastic valves pneumatic actuators seal test, torque test and fatigue strength test and other basic quality control requirements. In the form of table summarizes, the performance requirements of plastic valves pneumatic actuators need sealing test, body sealing test, body strength test, valve long term test, fatigue test and operating torque. After discussing several problems of international standard, it makes plastic valve producers and users of the cause for concern.

With the improvement of supplement for hot and cold water to plastic pipes and industrial pipeline engineering application, the proportion of plastic valves pneumatic actuators is also constantly improved. The quality of the plastic valves pneumatic actuators system in the plastic valve control is more and more important.

International plastic valves pneumatic actuators types mainly include ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, diaphragm valve and globe valve and so on. The structure forms include tee and multiport valves. Raw materials are various, for example, ABS, PVC -u, PVC - C, PB, PE, PP and PVDF, etc.

In international standards of plastic valves pneumatic actuators ; the production raw materials must meet the requirements of curve of creep damage.

Our plastic valves pneumatic actuators are in good quality, low price, and best after-service. We hope that you customers will consider our products when you buy plastic valves pneumatic actuators. The pneumatic actuators are used widely in machine tool equipment, for example, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, the lid of the boiler accessories and so on.

The handwheel common failures and troubleshooting methods

1. A hand wheel shaft jitters. The original for the handwheel is a problem with the circuit board inside the box, the replacement of damaged components.

2. Handwheel, sometimes good sometimes bad to use, no laws, it is the handwheel or within the handwheel extension resistance is too large,

3. Hand wheel insensitive reaction, serious pulse leakage phenomenon, turned out to be the plug connection pin not in place.

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