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Plastic Valves Development Trend

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In 2000, in the industry of pneumatic actuators , there are 11 joint ventures. Pneumatic actuators academy all mechanical industry of Hefei general machinery research institute and research institute of 12 administrative office in a factory, Shenyang valve, staff 185000 people, including the number of engineering 9,200. Gross industrial output value of 10 billion, the industrial added value 10 billion, the original value of fixed assets 6.22 billion, 4.05 billion, net profit tax 740 million, total sales income of 9.11 billion the total profit of 230 million. The plastic valves development trend can be seen from the above figures because of the pneumatic actuators in use without plastic valves development trend.

According to association members plant 1999 statistics, 4.2 billion gross industrial output value, industrial added value 970 million, the original value of fixed assets 3.17 billion, 2.09 billion, net profit tax 150 million, total sales income of 2.87 billion the total profit of 19.58 million. In this regard, plastic valves development trend was optimistic.

Since the 80 s, the valve industry has more than 20 companies in many ways, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, in line with the plastic valves development trend., in order to cater to the plastic valves development trend, Dalian high pressure valve factory introduce Canada Velan engineering company drain valve, including double metal, universal, piston, float type and anti-freezing type, a total of 4 class, 35 types and 167 specifications of the products. Tianjin Tanggu valve factory mark international control of the United States introduction of center line of clip-on butterfly valve, including drawings, standards, product manufacturing, testing and inspection technology, a total of two major categories, more than 30 specifications. Tianjin the second general machinery factory introduces of Philadelphia gear company valve actuator proprietary technology, including the manual valve electric actuator and valve actuators, the design and calculation of the labor, distribution, tooling and maintenance technology, etc.

There are many factories to take some measures to comply with the plastic valves development trend. Shanghai valve factory in England Santos Valve Co., LTD. is the diaphragm and diaphragm actuator proprietary technology, including manual institutions, diaphragm actuator, piston valve electric actuators , film making and product technology. The same four automation instrument factory in Tianjin is also introduced the technology. Tieling valve factory from Japan long BaoTian blacksmith butterfly valve technology co., LTD, including hydraulic control slow close check butterfly valve, BC - AA type butterfly valve and BS - V embedded, as well as the standard, the water pressure test equipment, mould and the quality control documents. Second-tier cities like these valve factory as also announced a good plastic valves development trend.

Kaifeng high-pressure valve factory and Harbin boiler factory from Japan Okano valve manufacture co., high temperature and high pressure valves and cast steel technology, including 6 steel (WCB, WC1, WC6, WC9, WC5 and LCB) smelting and casting technology and casting process design drawings. In order to adapt to the plastic valves development trend, high pressure valve factory from Japan Kitamura valve manufacturing co., LTD of gas transmission pipeline ball valve technology, provide pressure grades 150, 300, 400 and 150 lb, nominal diameter of 200 ~ 700 mm pipeline ball valve (including manual, pneumatic and hydraulic linkage drive).

Other Beijing valve factory, Yangzhou valve factory, Shanghai Fengxian machinery factory and high pressure valve plant in Lanzhou and more than 20 valve factory introduced foreign valves manufacturing technology respectively; they are all along the plastic valves development trend. With the process of reform and opening up, the valve industry introduced a large number of foreign advanced technologies. In order to improve the introduction of products and the processing capacity of original products and processing precision, the valve industry also import a lot of equipment, plastic valves development trend is great.

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