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Plastic Valves Application Nowadays

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Plastic valves application is very extensive, mainly including general valve outlet valve. High-medium pressure valves according to ANSI, API or DIN standard production, the main products are gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and check valve, most of the material is carbon steel (casting or forging) and some alloy steel. By BS standard low pressure valve, the main varieties are butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, which are made of cast iron and copper alloy, and no matter what kind of plastic valves application is common.

With the plastic valves or pneumatic actuators application being broad, the valve industry product price basically follows the China general machinery industry association of valve industry barometer, price is carried out. The total valve market price is more stable, lifting slightly every year, but is very small. Although plastic valves application is very wide, but the valve market competition is fierce, some manufacturers still perform 1996 price for users.

According to the plastic valves application of statistics, in 2000 the national valve production is 1.02 million t, 210000 t high pressure valve. China is expected to 2005 valve output up to 1.15 million t. Among them, the high pressure valve production increasing by more than 5% per year, estimated output of 250000 t, low pressure valves forecast for 900000 t. In this case, plastic valves application will be more extensive.

According to statistics, plastic valves application is not balanced. Valve of the current market share of China's machinery industry (35%), joint ventures, and private enterprises accounted for 38%, 4% military industrial enterprises accounted for 4%, other departments, such as petrochemical industry, electric power machinery factory production of valves (19%). During the period of "15", joint ventures and private enterprises in the market share will be further expanded.

According to the relevant data analysis, international plastic valves application is more unbalanced. Countries export valve total about $6 billion.1 $620 million in U.S. exports, imports, and 1.68 billion Yuan. German exports of $1.887 billion, imported us $1.132 billion. Japan's exports of $200 million, 11.3 imported us $403 million. Export $149 million in our country, the import of about $200 million.

The valve industry in China has quite a few enterprises that have obtained ISO9000 series quality system certification and API certification, which is a requirement of the export of products. Nearly 50 companies export for a long time, China's production of electric actuators have a certain market in foreign countries. The valve outlet price is lower than international market price, but also the quality of the products meet the export requirements, so the plastic valves application is increasing. During the period of "15" valve product export should be the main goal of countries the United States, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait and the united Arab emirates and other countries. According to the present export situation, increasing by 5% every year forecast, "15" in the late of up to 220 million dollars, the plastic valves application scope is very considerable.

On the type of state-owned shares, private, joint venture, etc. In terms of scale according to market demand, economic batch has large, medium and small. On the structure of enterprise companies have their own expertise, can choose from two aspects of development orientation. At least hundreds of departments, in the national economy every field and have many specific system. Products repeat manufacturers should be planned, according to the factory of capital, technology and equipment, personnel and familiar with the user to select varieties and service market, reasonable positioning, product structure adjustment.

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