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Overview of Electric Actuator

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For executing agency, the most widely definition is: a kind of device can provide linear or rotary motion; it uses some kind of drive energy and work under the action of a control signal. Electric actuator is different from other actuator using liquid, gas, and electric actuators uses electricity or other energy and through the motor, cylinder, or other device to convert it to drive function.

Electric actuator difference from other actuator is with the advancement of automation, automation electric actuator has become an important and indispensable component. Electric actuators have been divided into several major schools and have many actuator manufacturers on the market at present, first, the early Japanese glorious, Germany PS; second, on day 2 manual semi-automatic, Changzhou DKJ; third, Yangzhou power plant auxiliary machines (SIPOS first-generation products);SIPOS technology in several domestic manufacturer in r&d, technology is still in testing and will soon appear; fourth, Shanghai Walter electricity, Wenzhou rickey, Wenzhou Macao British rotork trafigura, etc.; fifth, Omar, EMG model is currently in development, they also can appear as homebred brand immediately. Above is general product model of the electric actuator structure distribution, with so many products how can we obtain the relative market share and meet the needs of each of the small actuator manufacturer, to make every small business survivor successful in such fierce market environment has become the problem.

Electric actuator difference from other actuator is it is different from civil product sales model, the above mentioned product structure allocation determines the direction of actuator manufacturer search for target customers. The target customer of lower part of the 1, 2, 3 kinds products is given priority to the valve factory. Usually for the price of the enterprise, it is production capacity to decide the development of the enterprise. The representatives enterprises in small businesses, such as Changzhou Lining, blue valve, their development is very fast, parts production has formed the local industry chain mode of production. With low price advantage they quickly seized the low-end market of pneumatic actuators. The fourth electric actuator difference from other actuator is they mainly run directly to the end customer, usually the cost of sales will increase substantially, but the sales cycle is long, the threshold for end customer involved in will be very high. They not only have to compete with imported products but also with domestic enterprise. Thus formed the polarization, and just coming into the market capital adequacy of the enterprises have large gap. Now psychological condition of the big companies to accept new things is more conservative, so a large number of small businesses cannot get a good development. Market should be fair, everyone to participate to form the market. For China's such specific market environment, how to make better products to market needs many actuator manufacturers to have a good thinking. The product basically is a mature technology products, why couldn't participate in the normal market competition, this is the problem of many small companies. We hope that more small businesses to participate in market competition and break the traditional sales mode, making more small businesses get development opportunities.

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