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Online Information of Butterfly Valve Is Introduced

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When you want to buy butterfly valve, is a good choice online purchase, online information of butterfly valve is widespread, for you to choose the best product.

First of all, we learn about the information of butterfly valve. A kind of butterfly valve throttle valve. The structure of this valve is according to the principle of pipe in pull, the flow control element is an Angle plate (its material can be metal or metal plastic, flu lung on the outer package, etc.), disc fixed axis on heart, and can rotate mandrel to control opening and closing (open, closed only 90 degrees of rotation), the seat for materials such as metal, rubber, fluorine, and fixed in the valve body wall, the valve structure simple, its body is wafer type, light weight, does not occupy a space suitable for throttling and open and close. Especially for large flow control (does not apply to small flow).

What can we learn through online information of butterfly valve, pneumatic rubber lining butterfly valve of the introduction of relevant information?

Pneumatic rubber lining butterfly valve:

Pneumatic line with rubber butterfly valve by pneumatic actuators and HT1000 center line butterfly valve can be equipped with intelligent positioner, realize remote operation, beneficial to the whole control system of automation.

The characteristics of the butterfly valve

Small, portable, easy disassembling and maintenance without pin connection. And can be installed in any position.

Simple structure, compact, 90 ° rotating rapidly opening and closing.

Opening and closing test times as many as tens of thousands of times, long service life.

To completely sealed, gas leak test is zero.

Choose different parts material, can be used a variety of media.

Has a good cut off and regulating performance, flow curve tending to straight line, can achieve a level bubble.

Butterfly valve USES

Low is mainly used for air treatment equipment (air separation equipment), widely used in food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, electric power, textile, paper making and so on water supply and drainage, gas pipeline for charge quantity and intercepting the occasion of medium.

Butterfly valve order instructions

1. Electric control valve product name, model, USES.

2. Nominal diameter (mm), nominal pressure (MPa), working temperature and scope.

3. Circulation medium, the flow capacity.

3. Before the valve pressure, valve after pressure.

5. Pneumatic and electric actuators valve body and internal parts material requirements.

6, attachment requirements: solenoid valve, hand wheel, air filtering pressure reducing valve, valve position transducer, electrical and pneumatic valve positioner, etc.

7, special request: valve sealing performance requirements, explosion-proof grade requirements, etc.

We learn through online information butterfly valve, pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve of the relevant information.

Pneumatic high true butterfly valve with compressed air as the power can be changed by direction of the gas circuit by pneumatic device, control execution cylinder to drive the butterfly valve, switch on or cut off the airflow in vacuum line. The working medium and the corrosive gas are applicable for air.

Second, the performance parameters of the pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve

Scope of application (Pa) 5 ~ 10 x10 6.7-4

Leak rate (Pa. L/S) 6.7 X1010-4

220/50 solenoid valve voltage (V/HZ)

Air pressure (MPa) 0.4 ~ 0.6

The flange standard GB6070.3-85

Any installation position

Medium temperature (℃) NBR - 25 ~ + 80, fluorine rubber - 30 ~ + 150

The main pieces of the valve body, valve plate material of carbon steel or stainless steel (nickel plated)

Nitrile rubber or fluorine rubber seals

Through our introduction to online information about butterfly valve, we will be able to buy butterfly valve when choosing appropriate purchase way, and purchase to the appropriate butterfly valve products.

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