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Mathematical Analysis Developed for Electric Actuators

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The technology of limit switch design is still very near the beginning stage of development in the field of electric actuators . As a matter of fact, the most advanced electric actuators system is the hybrid magnet valve system that consists of permanent magnets so that the duration of valve events can be rather lasting and the limit switch design transition phase between the electric actuators intake valve and exhaust valve can be very flexible as a result.

What is more, several automotive electric actuators manufactures have been experimenting with new electric actuators design in an effort to avoid the conventional problems of traditional electric actuators such as the inherent problem of relatively high energy consumption for operation due to the inductance of the electric actuators coil. Therefore, this kind of new design using shorted turn has been introduced in some countries, developed ones in particular and the purpose of proposed electric actuators is to reduce the inductance of coil and improve the electric actuators response performance when it is driven by a certain voltage required by specific working conditions.

In addition, to characterize the performance of the proposed electric actuators, its equivalent circuit limit switch design model of the newly design has been carefully developed for mathematical analysis so that many times of dynamic performance can be used to verify the element analyses as long as the structure and operating principle of the pneumatic actuators are similar to the conventional models. To be more specific, to reduce the inductance, the upper yoke of the electric actuators needs to be inserted into a thin copper plate, which can help the current of coil to rise quickly.

At the same time, the electric actuators inductance can be reduced when the voltage is applied and as opposed to the conventional actuator, the electric actuators of the new design can be applied to the coil of actuator so that the flux in the magnetic limit switch design circuit is capable of inducing high current in the copper sleeve to retard the increase of electrical flux. What is more, experimental measurement results have shown that the voltage generated by the super capacitor can be used in the consecutive opening and closing limit switch design actions of the electric actuators solenoid. On the other hand, the electric actuators hardware can be developed to open or close the solenoid that has been optimized in the first place so that the charging and discharging of the electric actuators may occur when requested and the energy consumption can be reduced to the lowest level possible thanks to a short pulse initiated by the charge of the capacitors at the threshold.

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