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Maintenance of Electric Actuators

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Electric valve actuator principle and maintenance

Electric Actuator (also known as electric Actuator), English name: Electronic physical, applied to all kinds of industrial automation process control link. Industry standard: JB/T ‐ 8219 ‐ 1999. Quarter-turn electric actuators according to the movement pattern is divided into: Angle of stroke, stroke and more turns.

Maintenance of electric actuators energy use is convenient, signal transmission is fast, transmission distance is long, facilitate centralized is easy to control, sensitivity is high and precision. Cooperate with electric monitoring instrument is convenient, installation simple wiring. Defect is complex; the average failure rate in pneumatic actuators , suitable for explosion-proof requirements is not high, lack of air source.

A. Maintenance of electric actuators: light is fault

1. The fault phenomenon:

Electricity for electric machine and found the power indicator light is not bright, bar plate has no feedback, no action to signal.

Failure diagnosis and maintenance process:

Because of the power indicator light is not bright, first check whether the insurance tube is open, through inspection insurance tube in good condition, comprehensive failure phenomenon, can be concluded that failure may occur in the power supply section of the bar put board, then check the power indicator light, use multimeter to detect light is open circuit, replace the lamp troubleshooting.

Conclusion: the power indicator light will cause the entire bar open board doesn't work.

2. The fault phenomenon:

After electric actuator, electric actuators to signal can not close.

Failure diagnosis and maintenance process:

First examine feedback line, confirm the feedback signal trouble-free, give the drive signal indicator, that normal, two-thirds to shut when the signal light is not bright, show off thyristor part has a problem, first check the close lamp, measured with a multimeter

Light is open, it replaced and troubleshooting.

Conclusion: closed and open when the light is not bright (open) thyristor is not action.

B. Maintenance of electric actuators: Resistance capacitance

1. The fault phenomenon:

Electric actuator, given a signal (75%), the actuator will be fully open to the end, and then back to the specified location (75%).

Failure diagnosis and maintenance process:

According to the above failure phenomenon, the first to judge is bar plate and actuators that one has a problem. Put board from the execution machine the bar.

On the structure to be removed, the power cord directly from X5/1 and 4 X5 / terminal, actuator close direction movement, will power and x 5 X5/1/2 terminals, the executing agency to open direction of movement, if action is not normal, actuator fault on the actuator. Normal use multimeter to measure motor winding, and then measure the resistance is found to have an open on both sides of the capacitance, the replacement after troubleshooting.

Conclusion: When it occurs to the above failure phenomenon, the first to determine failure on the one part, finally determine the root cause.

2. The fault phenomenon:

Actuator to close after the power supply signal (4 ma) actuator fully open again after seated first.

Failure diagnosis and maintenance process:

To dismantle the bar plate, directly to the electric actuator found there is still the original fault, check the resistance, the resistance value is normal, that resistance is no problem, check the motor winding, found that resistance is normal, motor is no problem. Thus fault inference is possible capacitance bad, replace capacitance, troubleshooting.

Conclusion: the problem when the first suspected resistance and capacitance.

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