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Machines in the Filter Market

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In the mid - 1990 - s filter to enter the Chinese market, has nearly ten years. Now the filter market presents the fast growth momentum, size manufactures more than 300; the government about the filter market is becoming more and more high, consumer acceptance gradually enhanced. After the early stage of the cultivation and guidance, many enterprises filter market will develop into the industry golden period, lurking $one hundred billion market for development. While the use of pneumatic actuators self-cleaning filters in processing level has a lot of credit. Self-cleaning filter is a kind of high and new technology of water treatment equipment. Because of stable discharging water, low operating cost, long service life characteristics, and the machine has been highly favored filter market.

Self-cleaning filter is a kind of using mesh directly to intercept the impurities in the water, purify water, suspended solids, and particulate matter, reduce the turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria and algae, corrosion, etc, to purify the water quality and protect the system precision equipment of other equipment to work normally. It uses electric actuators work, the main components are: motor, electric cabinet, control line, head of the component, filter components, 316 l stainless steel brush, framework components, transmission shaft, import and export connecting flange, etc.

Current filter self-cleaning filter on the market, to overcome the traditional filtering products, volume is small, vulnerable to contamination jams, filtering, part of the need to remove the cleaning and unable to monitor the state of the filter and so on shortcomings, with the raw water to filter and automatic filter cleaning function, the discharge of pollutants by uninterrupted water supply and cleaning sewage system, can monitor the working state of the filter, a high degree of automation. Filter market existing filter that covered by 10 um to 3000 um requirements of various kinds of filtration precision.

Above all, self-cleaning filter different from the traditional filter, its biggest characteristic is the high degree of automation, self-cleaning filter believe the future will become the filter market leader.

Domestic sewage treatment equipment production began in the late 1970 s, when the low level of product standardization, integration and series, finalize the design product is less, the filter market little development. Since the 1990 s, the relevant state departments successively on the filter market rectification, explains the main sewage treatment equipment manufacturing enterprise technical innovation, improve the ability of manufacturing and manufacturing level, urban sewage treatment equipment and the general equipment of form a complete set of production levels have greatly improved, the filter market got rapid development.

At present, deal with every day 5, 10, 25, 50 tons of urban sewage treatment plants all or major equipment localization can be realized. Among them, the domestic micro porous aerator, high-strength aerator, belt type filter press, all kinds of grille decontamination machine, mud scraper, aeration brush, scraping the sand machine, air blower, large sewage pumps, submersible pumps, etc have been largely can adapt to domestic filter market demand, and some products exported.

In terms of product design, from the day processing 50000 tons to 500000 tons of sewage sludge increase precipitation system, aeration system, mechanical filter processing system, sludge dewatering processing systems, such as domestic equipment, is equivalent to the international level in the 1980 s, the filter market will also be able to provide complete sets of equipment. But in terms of biogas power generation system, on-line monitoring system, compared with the developed countries abroad, domestic equipment is still there is a big gap. In the field of international latest shape technology and equipment in the 1990 s, our country filter market there is blank to be filled. In product level, the efficiency of some equipment, such as large energy consumption of blower and water pump products, can meet the international level in the 1980s.

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