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Leading Pneumatic Actuators Dealer in China

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Pneumatic actuators are machines that can transfer compressed air into other type of energy. Its working principle is that air after compressing can be turned into two forms, rotary and linear. This process can produce a force to move the piston. And the pressure is powerful enough and this can be a circulation to force other parts of the actuator move. Pneumatic actuator becomes so popular lying in the fact that air can be collected without too much difficulty and limitation. 

Our company is leading dealer of pneumatic actuator, we have been supplying pneumatic actuator device for many years and have experience of making advanced pneumatic system. Our products have many advantages. For example, pneumatic actuator using pressurized air has higher actuator speed than other types of actuator such as electric one. And the actuation speed of our devices can be changed and adjusted according to your needs and application. Also, the output power is also adjustable with the air pressure. They can be used as other devices. For some specific types such as single acting and spring return actuator, you can use them as a release valve and in the condition of frequent opening and closing; pneumatic actuator can be also used as valves and slot ring control. Our product has simple installation and easy maintenance. As pneumatic actuator leading dealer in China, we offer actuator with easy configuration, flexible modification and wide series of valve mounting part for you to choose. Valve of our actuator is equipped with many different sizes in order to meet with different requirements of our customer.

Our company has many production experiences in supplying various types of actuator; we have experts of actuator with advanced equipment. Our pistons has central axis which is connected with rack and pinion axis and this enable the piston to work smoothly. Another trait of our pneumatic actuators is that they have flexible modification. This advantage makes it quite easy to fix troublesome the actuator have during the configuration, and save a lot of time in modification. Our latest design is much more flexible than previous types. You can modify the configuration as well as some specific function of your electric actuators as you desire. For example, if you are going to adjust the mounting direction but pipe arrangement is finish, you can still change it. Or if you want to add extra equipment, modification is also available and quite easy to finish it. It often happens that after you have started the machine, you want to add more actuator of sensor, with our newest series of pneumatic actuator; this situation can be fixed very easy and simple.

Leading dealer of pneumatic actuator can offer pneumatic actuator with high quality construction. We use corrosion resistant material to the surface of the machine and in this way a wider temperature range is available for different working environment. Also, we offer various kinds of size, diameter and stork of actuator to meet with specific requirement and need. Our product is reliable with excellent performance and will be your best option.

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