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Know About Leading Electric Actuators Manufacturer

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Leading electric actuators manufacturers abroad appear earlier, which has maintained a larger advantage. Siemens in 1905 produced the world's first electric actuators, so it is the first leading electric actuators manufacturer. From the early 1990 s, foreign some production line of electric actuators are manufacturers, and developed a new generation of products occupy the market. In the world are well-known company mainly has the following a few:

ROM toelke (ROTORK) in the UK

From the early 1990s, some foreign leading electric actuators manufacturers have developed a new product to occupy the market.Earlier is the British law trafigura (ROTORK), launched IQ type intelligent electric actuators in 1995.IQ series intelligent electric actuators are the older generation of intelligent electric actuator launched by British law trafigura (ROTORK). The he base type actuator ROTORK turn electric machine, on this basis, combined with microprocessor and peripheral circuit, software to realize intelligent control chip. It uses infrared hand operator to set the parameters of the actuator, so it can achieve without "open" technology. The digital signal to set by hall sensor, torque protection makes it easier for measuring electric current and a magnetic field. The transmission mechanism by electronic sensors to replace conventional counter and CAM switch component to facilitate local working condition monitoring and security and simplify debugging.

JORDAN (JORDAN) in the United States

Jordan control companies in the United States was founded in 1955, from the beginning it has been specializing in the production of power plants damper actuators, especially in the harsh working conditions (such as: high temperature, installation location restricted and not easy to maintain, moving as frequently, etc.), Jordan products has always been the first choice for the majority of users in the world, this is because the leading electric actuators manufacturers have accumulated experience and advanced design of thought for nearly fifty years. In this field, especially in high frequency adjustment (pneumatic actuators can action the number of times per hour to 2000 times to 4000 times), in Europe and America market it can share of 70% or more, the only thing that can compete with it is HARTMANN & BRAUN of Germany, but the latter price is three times more than it.Jordan's main strength lies in the high frequency adjustment (2000-4000 times per hour), integration (motor, servo amplifier and transmission mechanism), permanent lubrication maintenance free, any position Angle, scotch yoke and spur gear transmission mechanism, etc.At present domestic well-known brands (such as: ROTORK, SIPOS, AUMA, etc.) without exception, they all adopt fission design. Using turbine vortex rod drive mechanism makes the wear is big, high calorific value, low transmission efficiency, short service life, adjust the frequency. The highest can reach 1200 times per hour. Installation and maintenance should be lubricated regularly and can't be installed at any position. Main series: SM, LA, MV, VA, EH, TA - 1200, MC - 1100, SM/LA - 3300


Founded in 1988 in Sweden, its headquarters is located in witzerland based in Zurich, Switzerland.It is a leading electric actuators manufacturer in the field of power and automation technology, ABB group is located more than 100 countries around the world and has thousands of enterprises, employees 139, 000 people. ABB contacts with China can be traced back to the beginning of the century: as early as in 1907, ABB provided a steam boiler to the Chinese government. With the continuous development of business, the group in 1974 established the China regional headquarters in Hong Kong. The China regional headquarters was removal to Beijing at the end of 1994.

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