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Is Plastic Valves Manual Indispensible

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With the application proportion of plastic pipes in hot and cold water supply and industrial pipeline engineering constantly improving, the plastic valves manual in plastic piping system is especially more and more important.

Due to the quality of the plastic valve has light, corrosion resistance, no adsorption scale, can be connected to the integration of plastic pipe and long life and other advantages, especially plastic valve electric actuators control valve in the feed water (especially in hot water and heating) and other fluid plastic piping system used in industry, its application advantages compared to other valves. At present in domestic production and application of plastic valves, plastic valves manual not only there is no standard method, its control is no reliable way, water supplies and other fluid plastic valves used in industry product quality is uneven, the engineering application of closed lax and leakage phenomenon is serious, formed a kind of electric actuator under the control of plastic valve can't use, affect the overall development of plastic pipe application. In the process of establishing the national standard plastic valve in our country is, the valve standard and the plastic valves manual standards are formulated according to the international standard.

International plastic types mainly include ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, diaphragm valve, gate valve and globe valve and so on, there are mainly two structure forms, tee and multiport valves, raw materials mainly include ABS, PVC-C, PVC-C and PB, PE, PP and PVDF, different properties of plastic valves have corresponding plastic valves manual. In plastic products of international standards, the first is the production valve requirements, raw materials used for the production of raw materials manufacturers must have plastic pipe product standard curves of creep damage; To plastic valve sealing test, body at the same time the long-term performance test, the whole valve test, fatigue test and operating torque and so on all the rules, gives the plastic valve used for industrial conveying fluid design service life of 25 years. In addition, the correct plastic valves manual also helps to increase the service life of plastic valves.

The general Plastic valves manual:

The projects of checking valve for use include: 1. whether the inside and outside of the surface has sand holes, cracks or other shortcomings; 2. if the seat and body of the valve are rigidly connected with each other, the core and the seat of the valve being fitful for each other and the sealing surface being perfect without defects; 3. if the stem and the core of the valve are connected flexibly; 4. whether the packing and gaskets aging damage; 5. open valve is flexible, etc.

Plastic valves manual to prevent possible problems: 1. and pipe joint flange, thread leak; 2. there might be leakage of the stuffing box.

The plastic valves manual that is commonly used:

Cock plastic valves manual: 1, for the square outside the stem end, plotted on a diagonal line vertical with the body is in the closed position, the same as that of the body to open state; 2, the normal switch valve with cock special wrench, to avoid the valve stem skid cause safety accidents; As far as possible need not adjustable wrench causing slippage; and so on.

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