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Introduction to Electric Actuators Component

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Angle of MD series electric actuator adjustment by the power components and position locator (PM - 2 panels) are mainly composed of two parts. The power unit is mainly composed of motor, reducer, torque limiter, switch control box, the handwheel and mechanical limit switch, and position transmitter, etc, its each part briefly described as follows:

1. Electric actuators component: the motor

The motor is a special high starting torque with low starting current and smaller moment of inertia. And thus the electric actuators component has better servo characteristics. When the motor is overheating (internal temperature over 130 ℃), the thermal switch installed in the motor stator will do internal overheating protection. The circuit on the switch will control the motor when the disconnection to protect motor and actuator. When the motor switch back on after cooling, the circuit is returning to work. In order to overcome inertia idle away, adjustment electric actuator motor control circuit has the electric braking function.

2. Electric actuators component: the reducer

Quarter-turn actuators use the planetary reduction worm gear and worm drive mechanism. The electric and component has high mechanical efficiency, but it also has the mechanical self-locking feature. Straight travel actuator reducer is made up with multiple switch actuator reducer and screw nut transmission device.

3. Electric actuators component: the torque limiter

It is a setting in the standard unit inside the gear reducer, by torque protection mechanism, stroke control mechanism (electrical limit), position sensor and the terminal blocks, etc.

4. Electric actuators component: the torque protection agencies

The stroke control mechanism is consisted of CAM group and the micro switch. Through this CAM group geared to Yin, connected to the reducer shaft, by adjusting the applied respectively to is, micro switch in the opposite direction (that is, the limit switch) in the position of the CAM plate can limit the actuator stroke (stroke switch FCO, FCF). The electric limit range when the factory has been set, generally do not literally adjust, lest damage mechanism.

The position sensor has high precision, long service life. And its coaxial is connected with the CAM group. The integral proportional adjustment electric actuator position indicator will change with output shaft trip potentiometer resistance to PM - 2 panels, which are amplifying circuit. And the 4-20 ma DC current signals sent out by the machine is used to indicate.

5. Electric and pneumatic actuators component: switch control box

The switch control box is equipped with PM position of electronic locator.

6. Electric actuators component: the handwheel

In fault state and debugging process, the handwheel can be achieved by turning the handwheel manual operation on the spot.

After we have seen the detail electric actuators component, our customers may know clearly about the components of a electric actuator, and may use it well and properly and correctly. And if there is any problem when you are using our machine, we will offer you the best after service.

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