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Introduction on Ball Valve Manufacturer

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A ball valve is a valve with a disc-shape which regulates the flow through it. In the middle of the sphere, there is a hole. If the hole is in a straight line with bottoms of a valve, the flow will be created. While the valve does not work, the hole is not in line with the ends of the valve, and then there is no flow occurred. Metal, plastic or metal with a ceramic center could be used to make the body of ball valves. In order to extend its maintenance, chrome plate may be adopted by ball valve manufacturers. How is the market of ball valves? We may check on the internet, factories all around the world are producing the ball valves for exporting, especially UK and Denmark which are the leaders in the international market. How would a passage help ball valve manufacturers trade the goods online? Below is one case for the readers’ reference.

Our company has been butterfly valve wholesalers for nearly 10 years that own good reputation in more than 100 countries with headquarter in China. We do business frequently with Oil & Gas, E&P, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining / Minerals, Power, Marine and Industrial markets which make us become very experienced and professional. Our ball valves could be designed in different flow control packages according to your special requirements. Alloys, trims, configurations, sizes and pressure classes are all available for you to be changed. Our products are featured, produced to go beyond your various process requirements.

Our manufacture processes are licensed and certified to API-6D, API-6A, API-600, PED and ISO 9000. Our manufacturing centers are engaged with the professional Sales, excellent Supply and Customer service. The brief of "never compromise" enables us to earn the amazing comments from our customers who become our repeat guests regarding their CapEx Project, Fabrication, OEM and MRO needs and do business all the time. We guarantee to product more technically attractive and more competitive purchases to our partners, because we strongly trust that the friendship and confidence given by our customers, is the great treasure we have. Below is our product line we could service for you:


Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Floating Ball Valves

Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Butterfly Valves

Triple Offset

High Performance

Resilient Seated

Dual Plate Check Valves

Needle and Gauge Valves

Wellhead Products

Besides, we, even though as the ball valve manufacturer, also produce Automatic pneumatic actuators : nickel platted brass ball valve with 2 wires actuator which can be used to replace solenoid valves electrically and mechanically. It is capable of decrease the pressure and increase flow. When there is no energy, it can be closed automatically which is very efficient. Our thousands of products are adopted across the whole China, and also many importers from US and other countries are doing business with us as well. You may choose to contact us the professional ball valve manufacturer via email or telephone; the operation time is 8:00 am-8:00 pm.

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