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Introduction of Siemens 331-3060 Damper Pneumatic Actuator

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Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuator

Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuators provide numerous innovations and solutions involved in every stage from design and installation, thus ensuring higher quality and reliability, and making damper actuator repair time shorter than normal repair time. Valve position indicator with yellow cat's eye, damper position both during the day or night are clearly visible. All actuators Open-Air products are used in the same pass-and fixed structures. Actuators may be suitable for any kind of application.

Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuators are used to control the installation in fresh air, return air damper which can switch control and opening control. With a universal clamp, actuators can be directly clamped on the shaft damper with manual reset button when the fault can be adjusted manually. According to the size of the duct cross-section, the actuator can choose different types of button torque actuators. Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuator is mounted directly, non-spring return, 24 VAC power supplies of electric actuators . The series of damper pneumatic actuator provide 0 to10 VDC control. Run button moment of 6 Nm. Suitable for HVAC control system valve, the valve plate is also suitable for variable air volume control application terminal unit. All models damper actuators are mounted directly on the shaft and easy to install.

In the process control system of Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuators, valve actuators consist of two parts actuator and control agencies. Adjusting mechanism changes the parameters of the production process directly through the implementation of components so that the production process can meet predetermined requirements. Executive agencies receive control information from the controller to convert it to drive output adjustment mechanism (such as angular displacement or linear displacement output). It also uses the proper implementation of components, but with different requirements and regulatory agencies. Damper actuators mounted directly on the production site, and sometimes harsh working conditions. Maintain your normal work directly affects the safety and reliability of the automatic control system.

Siemens 331-3060 damper pneumatic actuator, electric valve actuators are used to adjust the control valve, widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and other building automation systems. 8 ~ 32Nm of torque are provided. Each torque drives are available in two models: a digital / 3 floating-point input (switch); 2, 0 ~ 10V, 2 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA proportional input (i.e., analog). 24VAC / 24VDC, 220 ~ 230VAC 50/60Hz, 110VAC 50/60Hz three working voltage options are available. Optional has two auxiliary switches. Siemens series can achieve a drag or primary and secondary control.

SIEMENS later invented and patented its vane type damper pneumatic actuators, rotary valve and the demand for new knowledge-driven mechanism. Since then, the company increased the number of actuator control modules to meet the growing demand for more accurate and more advanced process control and monitoring. KINETROL adequate inspection and testing facilities, and implement strict quality control procedures, including the driver and the buffer 100% tested prior to shipment. The company's quality system is approved by the British Standards Institute to ISO 9000. SIEMENS’ quality of products is based on active choice every part of the company's.

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