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Introduction of Rotary Actuator for Pneumatic

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Rotary actuator for pneumatic actuators are especially suitable for using in the environment of rolling and sliding friction which is best to be avoided, such as the object in a high vacuum space environment, characterized by diversification of the use of tri-flex pivot point between each having a linear torque characteristic. Angle range that constantly adapt to the support of its axis concentric are arranged in a tubular housing and an electric energizable torque device with linear steady running performance on the working range of the magnetic coupling shaft rotation to the rotating axis deviation tri - flex pivot points, and adding an ammeter electric torque to a provide shows the current output torque and the angle of the shaft position.

Rotary actuator is the criterion for automatic applications engineering components by adding an axis of rotation to improve the flexibility of the system. It is mainly used for rotary steering of the parts that was positioning and assembly applications including machine management. It is an essential part of automation components.

Generally, two positioned rotary for pneumatic actuator rotate their payloads at rotating angles of 90 or 180 degrees, while 3-position and infinitely adjustable units are also available. Rotary actuator can provide 3 different functions: rotation, buffering and orientation. Rotating or manufacturing torque can be moving in a stationary position of workload, until after the rotation Angle. Buffer is absorbed in the terminal position rotating load producing energy, thus making driving more smoothly and having longer service life. Damping devices commonly use hydraulic buffer, also can use the elastic cushion. Orientation is rotary actuator support rotating load mechanical ability.

The main advantage of the standard engineering rotary electric actuators are that they cooperate above three characteristics in a compact product components integrate the. In the past, the engineer must start from the sketch design what now is a reliable standard product.

Selecting the purpose of the rotary actuator for pneumatic actuator is to ensure that it can rotate, buffer and support rotating load. Before choosing, you should first obtain the following application parameters: Relative to the axis of rotation and gear on the surface of each load component quality, size and location; Orientation of axis of rotation; rotation angle and rotation time; operating air pressure.

Then, determine the rotary torque.

This is a product of the rotational mass moment of inertia (of executing agencies around the axis of rotation easy degree of a measure an object), and the rotational acceleration. Note that the moment of inertia and the object is directly proportional to the square of the distance and the axis of rotation, so the distance to the center of rotation is the main influence factors.

The next is to determine the buffer requirement of the pneumatic actuator. To determine the buffer, it needs to calculate the moment of inertia, the kinetic energy and the effective load; And effective impact load and speed, speed and buffer at the contact points and energy is the function relations. These values need to be compared with the parameters of the rotary actuator buffer components. However, due to several factors are influenced, so the torque and the buffer requirement can also be calculated artificially. Because of the need to do a lot of computation, so most of the rotary actuator vendor will provide selection software, simplify the process, to speed up the selection. Other factors considered are repeatability and environmental conditions. Only the required repeatability on numerical comparison with specification can. For applications in the bad environment, it is necessary to determine whether the rotary actuator's IP protection grade can meet the requirements.

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