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Introduction of Electric Actuators Limit Switch to Buyer

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Electric actuators limit switch has two types; work limit switch and the ultimate limit switch, electric actuators limit switch is used to work of agency action in place. Extreme limit switch is to prevent the agency action within the design scope and accident. Work limit switch installed in institutions need to change the condition of position, switch, the signal is given, for other related actions. Limit movement to the far end of the limit switch installed in institutions, to protect the agency action body damage is found too.

Electric actuators limit switch means to protect the built-in micro switch from external forces, such as water, oil, gas and dust damage, and assembled in the switch inside the shell, especially, the electric actuators limit switch is suitable for mechanical strength and adapt to the environment have special requirements. Shape is roughly divided into horizontal type, vertical type and compound.

Electric actuators limit switch is also called the limit switch, the working principle is used to control the mechanical equipment trip and limit protection .In actual production, electric actuators limit switch is installed in a pre-arranged position, when installed on the production of mechanical parts hit the switch module, pneumatic actuators limit switch contact action, implementation of circuit switching. Therefore, electric actuators limit switch is a kind of position according to the moving parts of the trip and switching circuit of the electric equipment, its action principle similar to buttons. Electric actuators limit switches are widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery, used to control the schedule, for terminal limit protection. In the elevator control circuit, and use the switch to control the speed of the car door, automatic open close spacing, capsules, the lower level protection.

According to its structure, electric actuators limit switch can be divided into direct acting, roller type, micro type and combined type.

(1) Straight acting electric actuators limit switch

Its action principle is the same as the button switch, but the contact points and speed depends on the production of mechanical operation speed, the place that should not be used for speed is less than 0.4 m/min.

Straight moving type switch

1. Push rod

2. Spring

3. Dynamic contact

4. Contact

(2) Roller electric actuators limit switch

When the roller electric actuators limit switch control mechanical collision block collision with roller sinker bar, rod turned to the right, to drive the CAM rotation, hat with push rod, in the micro switch contact action quickly. When mechanical returns under the action of the reset spring, each part of resets.

Roller electric actuators limit switch

1. Roller

2. The jib

3. 5. 11. Spring

4. Set

6. Pulley

7. Linking piece

8.9. Contact

10. Rung

Roller electric actuators limit switch is divided into single and double roller automatic reset (horn), the automatic reset type, double roller line switch has two steady state position, have "memory" effect, in some cases can simplify the circuit.

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