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Introduction of Actuator Application

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Pneumatic actuators include pneumatic parts and control valve two parts, the control precision is mainly depends on the control of the pneumatic actuators performance, it can transform system control signals into output shaft angular displacement and linear displacement.

Valve pneumatic actuators using gas as the power to turn on the pneumatic actuators drive valve, which used a control instruction to complete the valve control, so as to achieve the aim of adjusted to the pipeline medium flow and satisfy the requirement of the automatic control process. Actuator applicationhas wide escope, it is suitable for gate valve, cut-off valve, throttle valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and damper of industrial equipment and it has been used widely in industry. Due to the structure of valve electric device is more complex, wrong operation, frequent use, degradation products will cause the valve failure or damage, at present our country does not have a unified standard for valve electric device, the valve electric actuator wiring provided by the manufacturer is multifarious, so the penetration, the indicators for the valve electric device debugging, troubleshooting is very important.

Actuator application has wide escope, the basic principle of the valve electric device is generally consists of single phase or three phase motor driver. On the worm shaft there is manual/electric switching mechanism.When the switch handle in the manual position, the handwheel will be biten by clutch, making the torque passed to the output shaft torque. Once performed electric torque output, manual/electric switching mechanism will automatically fall, actuators are in the electric priority position. The motor will pass torque to the output shaft torque. On the worm gear and worm reducer agencies are equipped with a torque detection device, stroke position switch is installed on the output shaft. Electric actuators can accept PLC instruction and drive valve to complete the positioning control.

Actuator application has wide escope,the control points of electric valve is more complex, the first to control the rotation direction of the valve, such as rotating in opposite directions may cause damage to the valve; The second to determine the limit of valve, the valve switch direction and limit switch need corresponding, such as to open the valve motor and drive not correspond limit will cause the valve can't stop so as to damage the valve; The third to adjust the valve switch, switch limit restrictions too early may cause the valve and actuator not rigor, switch limit restrictions too late may cause damage to the valve and actuator; Fourth is switch valve torque, torque of the valve switch direction and limit switch should be correbonding. The limit of valve torque is according to the valve through the flow of material, pressure control, reasonable torque limit plays a main protection to open and close the valve and valve equipment.

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