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Information on Pneumatic Actuator Manufacturers

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Pneumatic actuator manufacturers

Pneumatic actuator transmission for compressed gas as working medium relies on the pressure of the gas fluid drive transmission power. Transmission power system is the compressed gas through a feed pipe and valve pneumatic actuators, the compressed gas pressure can be converted into mechanical energy and work. Information system is the use of pneumatic logic elements or fluidic element in order to realize the function such as logic operation, also known as the pneumatic control system.

Pneumatic actuator manufactories often use air supply, pneumatic actuator component, pneumatic control valve and pneumatic accessories to compose pneumatic actuators. Air supply is generally provided by the Link title compressor. Compressed gas pressure pneumatic actuators can be converted into mechanical energy and be used to drive working parts, including the cylinder and pneumatic motor. Pneumatic control valve is used to adjust the direction, pressure and flow rate of air flow, accordingly: direction control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valve. Pneumatic auxiliary parts include: purify air with water gas filter, improve air lubrication performance of oil mist, eliminate noise silencer, the pipe connection, etc. In the pneumatic transmission and pneumatic sensor for feeling and passed all kinds of information.

Pneumatic actuator transmission uses air as the working medium. Theoretically it calls the air which completely does not contain steam dry air. And nature actually contains a certain amount of water vapor in the air, this gas composed of dry air and water vapor is called wet air. The degrees of dry wet air to the system work stability and service life have certain effect. Gas density with the gas pressure and temperature, pressure, increase air density, and temperature, the density of air is reduced. The nature of the gas volume decreasing with increasing pressure is called the compressibility, and increasing with temperature rise and the nature of the volume of a gas is called swelling.

The function of air supply device is to produce enough pressure and flow of compressed air, and meanwhile to purify air, process and store. Its main part is air compressor. Because of the atmospheric water vapor and oil and other impurities in the air, it cannot be directly used for equipment. Common air purifying device are after cooler, oil removal, air tank, dryer and so on.

Converter is a kind of gas and liquid converting air pressure into the same liquid pressure pneumatic actuator components. According to the status of the contact between gas and oil can be divided into isolation and the isolation type has two kinds of structure. When it comes to the structure principle of non isolated gas and liquid converter, the compressed air imports from the upper input and a pipeline buffer device makes effect on the hydraulic oil, compressed air by a discharge of oil hole at the bottom of the converter body output to the hydraulic cylinder. Electrical converter is converting electrical signals to signal components. No electrical signals, the gas source of input gas emptying the nozzle, the outlet without output. When coil 2 flows into the current, and the outlet has signals.

To sum up, that’s how pneumatic actuator manufactories use air supply, pneumatic actuator component, pneumatic control valve and pneumatic accessories to compose pneumatic actuators.

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