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Improve the Electric Actuator Durability and Performance

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Future research on the electric actuators basic knowledge will include an optimal nonlinear control strategy to overcome the problems of the electric actuator system with high performance. We may also increase the specific force output of the electric actuator motor since it requires lighter materials as well as greater stresses on component parts.

However, it can be seen that the more optimized electric actuator mechanics, the more engineers have to devote with considerable effort to the studying of the electric actuator materials and component parts of motors. In fact, a number of engineers are looking for ways to improve durability and performance of electric actuator while a group of electric actuator operators tries to seek an understanding of the function and evolution of natural design. For the electric actuator inanimate motors, these efforts have included dimensional analyses of the scaling of stresses within motor components but there has been little effort to examine the electric actuator scaling trends of net force output.

One notable exception is a wide ranging review of the electric actuator maximum forces that contain a mixture of peak as well as time averaged forces. The electric actuator addresses the scaling of forces in relation to body mass rather than to motor mass even though the latter is true also for a more narrowly focused study of forces.

As a result, engineers have a well formed view of how the pneumatic actuators net force output may vary according to motor mass as long as we perform such an analysis and demonstrate the striking similarities in terms of the mass scaling and magnitude of force output for different classes of motors. Electric actuator forces are generated by single molecules in the static tension with a helical wave motion focus on the forces that are parallel to the axis of strain during takeoff from the ground in still air.

These electric actuator data encompass a wide range of mean ground reaction forces, which are the resultants of vertical and lateral force vectors in cases where both single or paired legs during running or hopping can be calculated with forces from the acceleration of the body center. Forces of the electric actuator can also be calculated from maximum whole body acceleration during bursts so as to increase the specific force output. What is more, if the electric actuator motor requires lighter materials as well as greater stresses on the component parts, more optimized mechanics should be made full use of. The electric actuator crank shaft radius as well as the maximum torque has not been reported as the maximum power while the cycle frequency can be included in the only motors of mass that is greater than two kg.

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