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How to Use Butterfly Valve Accessories Correctly

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Among the butterfly valve accessories of a disc in the disc, the valve body around its own axis of rotation, so as to achieve open/close or adjust action, so the valve butterfly valve. A lot of butterfly valve is applied in the pneumatic actuators . Fully open to the seated butterfly valve accessories is usually less than 90 degrees, butterfly valve and butterfly valve accessories of control rod itself has no powerful self-locking, positioning to butterfly plate, the valve stem with specific butterfly valve accessories such as worm gear reducer. Using the worm gear reducer can make the plate stop easily, greatly improving the performance of the product.

Special industrial butterfly valve accessories of characteristic: the ability of high temperature, apply pressure range is higher also, nominal valve size is big. The main body of the product, the material of which is carbon steel, replaces the rubber ring with metal ring.

Butterfly valve accessories advantages:

1. Open/close convenient rapidly, energy saving, fluid resistance small, can often operate. 2. Simple structure, small volume, light weight. 3. Can transport mud in the apertures least accumulated liquid. 4. Can achieve good sealing under the low pressure. 5. Good regulation performance.

In terms of form of the sealed type, it can be divided into two kinds: the seal and hard seal type. Soft seal type generally use rubber ring seal, metal hard seal type usually adopt ring seal. According to the connection type, the products have to kinds. According to the methods can be divided into manual transmission, gear transmission, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic and electric. Different Butterfly Valve has different butterfly valve accessories.

Installation and maintenance of butterfly valve accessories that should be paid attention to are the following points: 1. When installation, the disc will stop in closed position. 2. The position of the valve opening should be decided by the rotation angle. 3. The butterfly valve with a bypass valve, open the bypass valve should be taken before opening. 4. The installation should be finished according to the manufacturer's installation instructions, for example, the butterfly valve with big weight should be set up with a solid foundation.

Concentric butterfly valves: the structure characteristic of this kind of butterfly valve accessories is that the axis of the stem, disc, and ontology are in the same position. This kind of valve has simple structure and convenient manufacturing. However, the butterfly plate and valve seat remain the state of extrusion.

Single eccentric butterfly valve: to solve the problem of butterfly plate and valve seat of concentric butterfly valve accessories of extruding problem, single eccentric butterfly valve is created. Its structure characteristic is that the stem axis deviates from the center of butterfly plate, so that the butterfly plate up and down side is no longer a rotary axis

Double eccentric butterfly valve: this kind of valve is currently used by many fields, which is improved on the basis of the single kind. Structure characteristics of the butterfly valve accessories as in the center of the axis of the stem is deviating from the butterfly plate, also deviates from the center of ontology. The effect of the double eccentric butterfly plate can immediately after the valves are open from the seat, greatly eliminates the butterfly plate and valve seat of unnecessary phenomenon of excessive extrusion, scratches, reduce the opening distance, reduces the abrasion resistance, improve the seat life.

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