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How to Replace the Limit Switch Distributer in a Ford F-Series

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If you have an F-Series truck from 1990 to 1998, here are instructions to replace the limit switch distributer in both carbureted and fuel-injected engines. What’s more, you won't require special tools pneumatic ball valve

Before replacing the limit switch distributer in a Ford F-series, we need to prepare the five things that is, wrench, screwdriver, long-handled ratchet, limit switch distributer, instructions. Here are the following specific procedures.

Firstly, we can look for the limit switch distributer who also sells electric actuators in your F-Series tool by tracking the spark plug wires to it, and then working space might be narrowed. Moreover, we can loosen with a screwdriver the primary wiring connector from the distributor.

Secondly, we need to mark the position of the limit switch distributer cap's No. 1 terminal on the limit switch distributor base to match factors for installation later. Moreover, we can unclip and take off the cap, then the adapter. At the same time, we also need to mark the limit switch distributer base and engine for the future use.

Thirdly, we can take the limit switch distributer rotor out of the compartment. Moreover, we can unplug the TFI connector, which is an electronics-style connector like you would like to see some news or movies on audio or computer. What’s more, we can open the hold-down bolt and lift out the limit switch distributor.

Fourthly, we need to use a long-handled ratchet (breaker bar) to rotate the crankshaft bolt in the pulley by the bottom of the engine so the No. 1 piston is at the Top Dead Center (TDC) mark, which is necessary for elements to be in the appropriate place when you replace the limit switch distributer miniature pneumatic actuator .

Fifthly, we can fix the rotor on the shaft and rotate the shaft so that the rotor tip points to the No. 1 mark on the limit switch distributor base. Moreover, we need to continue rotating the shaft so the leading edge of the rotor vane focuses on the vane switch together, and then coat the brass parts of the rotor with a 1/32 inch (0.8mm) tight coating of silicone dielectric complexes.

Sixthly, we cannot put the new Ford F-Series limit switch distributer in the engine block. What’s more, we can get the delicate part from an auto parts shop by offering the model, year and engine size. Moreover, we can rotate the limit switch distributer body to put the leading edge of the vane and vane switch in right line.

Seventhly, we can hook up the TFI connector and primary wiring, and then re-install the cap and adapter.

Eighthly, we need to look for the spark plug wires to guide you to the limit switch distributer on the engine block, and then open and remove the air cleaner assembly to get it rid of the way of the limit switch distributer, marking the hose locations.

Ninthly, we need to use a screwdriver to separate the distributor wiring connector from the wiring harness.

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