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How to Rebuild Handwheel You Should Know

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Most handwheel design components are "solid state" --- they have no moving parts and as a result last a long time without much maintenance. Occasionally, nevertheless, these elements may possibly fail, or relocating elements like springs and potentiometers may possibly come to be donned and call for cleanup or alternative. Occasionally, especially with less costly handwheel design, practically nothing is consumer. In lots of instances, nevertheless, you can repair issues by rebuilding your handwheel instead than throwing it out and purchasing a new one.


1 Disconnect the handwheel design from the personal computer and electric actuators provide.

2 Turn the handwheel design more than to expose the base.

3 Eliminate the screws that protected the electric actuators base and established them apart, generating be aware of their location. In some instances, the screws may possibly be situated below stickers or non-slip pads.

4 Separate the two halves of the handwheel base to expose the printed circuit board (pcb), potentiometers, and other digitals.

5 Brand the plugs in which the electric actuators and the handwheel by itself connect to the pcb making use of the long term marker. Use a little item of masking tape to label the wires as nicely so that you know how to reassemble them, and then very carefully disconnect the wires from the pcb.

6 Eliminate the screws that protected the pcb to the handwheel's situation and established it apart.

7 Eliminate the screws that protected the stick's gimbals or mounting cage to the situation. These are most likely to be below anxiety from the springs, so gradually and very carefully disassemble the gimbals or mounting cage, the springs and stick apart.

Potentiometer cleaning

8 Eliminate each and every potentiometer from the handwheel base --- these will glimpse like little cylinders with a material shaft that connects to the handwheel's gimbals. If they're not by screws, they should certainly lift correct out of the base.

9 Decrease small isopropyl booze into each and every potentiometer. There's a hole in the potentiometer situation that enables you to do this; if there's not, carry a little cup, fill it with sufficient isopropyl booze to the potentiometer, and allow it soak for a couple of seconds.

10 Turn each and every potentiometer's shaft back again and forth rapidly a couple of instances to perform the booze via the digital contacts.

11 Wipe each and every potentiometer thoroughly clean with a cardstock towel.

12 Re-seat the potentiometers in the handwheel's base and relocation any screws that maintain them in location.


13 Clean the gimbals very carefully, making use of the isopropyl booze and the cardstock towels.

Eliminate as very much of the present lubricant as feasible. Set the gimbals apart and allow them dried out.

14 Utilize a liberal volume of silicone grease to the gimbals, so that all relocating elements are adequately.

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