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How to Make a Magnetic Actuator

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A magnetic actuator is wire that goes around an iron bar or magnet that can be moved freely. Preparing for the first step, now we can get some ideas about how to make actuator and then start to prepare pneumatic actuators . What’s more, when current is applied to the wire in the coil, the inner bar is pushed into the coil. Moreover, a spring, or gravity, holds the bar in one position and application of a current moves it to another position. At the same time, magnetic actuators are used by hobbyists and industrial designers to alter an electrical signal into mechanical movement. For example, a long-distant controlled airplane may have a pneumatic actuator to move the ailerons on the wings.

To make actuator, we need to prepare these four things such as enameled wire, iron bar or bar magnet, spring, drill, painter’s tape. Then we can learn how to make actuator, here are the following specific steps about how make actuators.

Firstly, we need to get the wire. After that, you can almost usually find all the enameled wire you need from old coils, electromagnets, relays or transformers, and we need to make sure the wire has no kinks or scrapes.

Secondly, we need to find a plastic cylinder to wind the enameled wire onto. What’s more, an old ballpoint pen is perfect, you can easily cut the pen to the length you like most, and then make sure you smooth off any rough edges before you wind the wire onto the cylinder, which is greatly beneficial for many learners who want to learn how to make actuator.

Thirdly, studying how to make actuators may need more patience and also meet many difficulties. We need to tape one end of the wire to the cylinder and make a couple of windings to hold the wire in place, and then attach the cylinder to a low speed drill and utilize it to wind the wire onto the cylinder. At the same time, we need to operate the drill with one hand and lead the wire onto the spool with the other hand. Moreover, we can use more tape to hold the end of the wire properly once you have the wire wound onto the cylinder.

Fourthly, if we want to know how to make actuator, we may also own some traits. We attach a spring to the center of the cylinder to hold it in place when the coil is not promoted, and as the activated coil alters the central core to impress the spring. For some applications, you can make use of the compression originate from the same ballpoint pen that supplied the cylinder.

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