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How to Maintain Electric Actuator

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The pneumatic actuators is one of the necessary devices in automatic control system. And its main task is to transform control signals sent from regulator into linear displacement and angular displacement so as to drive adjusting actuators such as valves and baffles so as to realize automatic control. Therefore, the electric actuator has been widely used in electricity, metallurgy, oil as well as chemistry and other kind of automatic control fields. In recent ten years, due to the wide application of microcomputer control and micromechanics, the electric actuator has gained large development. And the electric actuator uses microprocessor to finish signal transmission, switch of regulation parameter, state indicator, output of control value so as to strengthen the performance, usage as well as maintenance of regulation system.

The first one maintenance period of electric actuator is to deal with faults in the middle of running it. In order to promote the reliability of the electric actuator, it is possible reduce and deal with faults. As a matter of fact, these faults are various. Some faults can be dealt with regulation, while some faults are caused by long period of using or poor accuracy, so it is possible to exchange components to recover its performance. The first kind of fault is debugging fault. The faults of new electric actuator are complex, which is caused from design, manufacture as well as management and other kinds of many problems. The common fault of maintenance period of electric actuator is leakage and unstable speed as well as dirt, causing blockage of delivering actuator.

Another maintenance period of electric actuator is to pay attention to emergency faults. These faults are caused by inhuman or human factors. And the maintenance period of electric actuator is composed of electric motor, bearings, gear system as well as electrics. Statistics show that the faults of electric actuator are mainly on bearings and electric motor. Actually, favorable management and maintenance is able to promote the reliability and effectiveness of the electric actuator. And there are some ways to strengthen maintenance period of electric actuator. The first of all is to strengthen the cleanness of the lube. And its viscosity will change with the temperature of the oil. Secondly, it is possible to eliminate the grease due to the high frequency and fast speed of the electric actuators, so it is hard to avoid attack. In addition, it is possible to promote the working environment and using condition of the electric actuator. And in the early time of the fault, it is possible to strengthen the maintenance in all electric actuators. In addition, it is possible to complete data management so as to avoid random failure of the electric actuator, because they are hard to estimate. In order to avoid faults, it is possible to check and maintain regularly so as to grasp the data of maintenance period of electric actuator so as to judge and carry out daily maintenance accurately.

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